Rynfield Bunny Park - Benoni

12:19 pm

Today I am discovering the Rynfield Bunny Park in Benoni...
As a bunny lover it only makes sense I know about a place like this :) here bunnies roam free. I have never seen such a huige variety of bunnies in one place. This could potentially be my happy place. We just need to bring fairies.

There’s plenty of parking here. So I parked my car in the suburbs of Benoni and walked in through those green gates and I was on the farm and the city was a distant place. As you walk into the park, there is a tuck shop for you to buy your carrots, seeds and other yummy treats for the bunnies, ponies, ducks and all the other animals. Yes you get to feed them too if you'd like.

My favourite part in the park was when I found the pigpen. I mean these animals do not smell good and they are not even trying. But that not so pretty smell felt like home. Was so familiar, Childhood memories things :) my first best friend in life was of course a pig.

There are swings, jungle gyms and mini fun cars for the little ones to drive. This is a happy place for all the kids and the adults alike. Bring your picnic basket or come have a braai. We love the animals so noise must be kept at a minimal.

On the last Saturday of each month, a small craft market runs until 15h00.

Now bring your little ones to come explore the bunny park or make it a different take for a 1st date :)

The park opens 8am – 4pm daily.      
You can contact The Bunny Park on - 011 999 4650

Entrance into the park is free.

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