Planning a huge trip - The New Developments.

1:30 pm

 Greetings my Wanderlust family J

My #Wanderlust soul had me driving through the UK.
From Oxfordshire to Edinburgh.
Some of the best memories were made on this road trip.

In keeping with the trend of #LoveRoadTrips
I look back at a road trip i went on with friends all the way up the
 #MalutiMountains from #Maseru
I know it has been a while since I last wrote. And there are no excuses for neglecting you like this.
I have been working tirelessly around the clock trying to figure out how to get to Cairo without having to sell my soul.
The African Skies :)
You see this beauty and can't help but to count your blessings.
The planning is coming along great. Logistically, it is a nightmare and I wont even lie. I am happy to report that there are no premature wrinkles to worry about, There is a lot of excitement in me and from all my friends and family.

I had a brainwave last week on accommodation. As things stand, most of my accommodation will be provided for by generous families. So yes, I have host families.
And in more exciting news, I have added Zambia as another country I will be visiting because the helpful brother that assisted me by helping me get hosted by all these families is from Zambia and he offered me accommodation in Zambia with his sisters. So I will be visiting 12 countries in total.

While driving through the dusty mountainous roads of
#MalutiMountains then there was this...
It only made sense jumping out of the car and
hitching a ride wouldn't you say?
Faith, Hope, Love...

So the new developments as the planning currently stands are:
·  Zambia is now one of the countries I will be backpacking through
·    All the documentation of this trip will be done on my phone J Yes, theres a reason shes a smart phone. So lets put her smartness to the test. So this means stocking up on memory cards and extra batteries.
·    I have determined the exact travel and entertainment costs.
·    There is a new element to the trip that will excite all lovers of all things celebratory and festive. I have added an exciting element to the whole trip. However this exciting element will not be revealed just yet.
This is idea was just me talking crazy and I thought it could be quite exciting to add to the mix of things. This element will only be revealed later in the year just before the trip.

Please understand that things are constantly changing as the planning goes along. I really have no control over it all and there will be more changes as time goes by.

At this point I will be financing everything from my pocket. And that means there will be no big travels from me until the big trip as I need to save every cent to go towards this trip.
This makes me laugh every time I think about it because I now have no entertainment budget but in all this there is always a budget for a bottle of wine to assist me in all the research and planning.

From me for now - stay travelling, stay chasing your wanderlust dreams.

AfriSki.. Lesothos very own Ski resort.
Fun was had and lessons were learnt...

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