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 1402264292_5394dae4b3b2b_cape_to_cairo.jI just recently got my trip to backpack Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt approved on So as you can imagine I am beyond myself with excitement. But this is where the real work starts, I need to convince you all to back me and sponsor me in any way that you can.
If you are wondering what is – It is a crowd funding website where anonymous, generous backers and sponsors help fund your travels.I have found that which makes my heart sing and I am ready to hit the high notes.

 The plan is to give almost everything I own away EXCEPT my shoes (I just couldn’t)… Shoes will go into storage. I plan to start afresh. I will be travelling for 6 to 10 months, spending approximately 3 to 4 weeks in each country. Depending on the budget.I will go from South Africa à Namibia à Botswana à Zimbabwe à Malawi à Tanzania à Kenya à Ethiopia à Sudan à Egypt.
That is 34 to 40 weeks on the road. Spreading the message of love and unity and ultimately promoting African Travel and Tourism. The purpose of this trip is for me to discover Africa and share it with the world. Promoting tourism and African Culture one blogpost, one tweet and one Instagram picture at a time.Backpacking Cape to Cairo is worth contributing to because you are making a young African Hippy’s dreams come true. A 280 day long road trip making friends, learning and sharing that knowledge. Joining countries. Bringing Africa together.As a young African, I am passionate about traveling with the intention to inspire other young Africans who might not be aware of the fact that travelling is just a matter of picking up your passport and chasing pavements. And that the world is your oyster.And to everyone with kids or other responsibilities that prevent you from going on an adventure like this, please feel free to live vicariously through me.  

It is important to me because I want to spread the message of unity in Africa. That although we are from different countries, speak different languages, have different cultures and religions. We are all African. And more than that, we are all citizens of the world. We can love each other with all our differences because those are what make us special and individuals. 

I have travelled from South Africa, flew to London and then went on a road trip to Edinburgh. I have also done a road trip from South Africa into Lesotho through Maseru and all the way to the top of the Maluti Mountains. You can see this trip on my personal Instagram I have just recently driven to Kosi Bay, the eastern most part of South Africa, to Mozambique and then into Swaziland for the Bush Fire Fest. You can read more about this trip and see pictures on the links below: pictures: From my Travel experiences, I can definitely do this on my own. 

The funds I receive from backers will be used for accommodation, transport, food and entertainment. Everything I do will be documented and shared with my social media following. Every cent spent will be accounted for as I will share the prices of everything I do on the blog when I share where to stay, what to do and what mode of transport to use and  how much it all costs. 

I am more than willing to accept backing in form of accommodation, sponsorships, Travel/Transport, camera equipment that I will need and in any other way that will be beneficial. And in return I will volunteer my services to a charitable cause of your choice in your country, attempt to wash your car or even run your Office reception or do your office admin work for a day or two. If you are super creative and daring, please also suggest any other ways you think would be a great way for me to pay my way. But keep in mind that, should you get too adventurous and too creative in your ideas, I might need you to hold my hand through it ;) 

I am aware that my intentions are good and I won’t change the world but I know I can touch a heart and that for me is enough to make this journey worth it. 

You can you can follow the link below to be my backer or my sponsor: 

P.S. I appreciate you just reading this post. please share a link with a friend and help make my dream come true.



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