Hartebeespoort Dam - The Cableway

9:59 pm

A beautiful sunny day out in hartebeespoort.
As any weekend drive from Joburg to this side of town would have it, it was bikers galore on the road.

Well this was not a breakfast run... it was the lunch run and it was beautiful.
I love bikes, I appreciate adrenaline but i am not brave enough to ride one.

This road trip was heading to the Harties Cable way for some birthday lunch. Yes, my birthday.
Of course before getting to the cableway the first stop has to be on the Hartebeespoort bridge to just take it all in. There is beauty in this place. Something about water that makes me just want to play. The kid in me comes out. Maybe that’s why I play more in water at the gym in winter to compensate for what I can’t do outside in the cold.

This waterfall is something exquisite. I haven't seen something this breathtaking in
a while. water falling freely... nature has not been this beautiful in a while.
The Hartebeespoort Dam has seen better days.
It used to be so dirty and we have to give it to the municipality for working so hard to clean it.
Their work is truly appreciated and we notice the difference
When we arrive at the cableway, there’s plenty of parking space and security guards to guard your car. It is a very clean environment.
Tickets cost R160 per adult for a return ticket and R90 for kids between 4 and 14 years of age. But should you opt to buy the tickets online, you can. it is actually cheaper. And if it’s your birthday, just know your ID number and your ticket is free. Yes, my ride was free oh and how we love such lovely birthday presents.
The Birthday Girl Ticket....
The ride to the top is smooth and the view is breathtaking. I couldn’t say the same about the ride back down, it was fun but not as smooth. 
A cable on its way down...
When you get to the top, there are restaurants, fast food restaurants but you also have the option to bring your own picnic baskets and just have a picnic at the top. I had the vegetarian burger and honestly it was the best burger I have had in a while. There are fire baked pizzas as well. And if you put on your best shoes, there’s a bit of exploring that can be done. A little hike, just take a walk and take in the view of the harties dam and the Magaliesburg. It really is worth it and amazing.

The view when going up the cable car.

The view from the top. the view that makes it all worth it.
The view that should inspired you to want to discover this side of the world with your friends..
Even lovers tend to find their own peaceful spot to create memories around here.

And right at the top kids get to play.. well, if the childlike spirit in you decides it also wants to get embraced, then bring it. There is the trampoline-bungy that you can get on. R100 a ticket for adults. this is where you really have to practice tightening your core. I tightened my core the best way I know how and I am still stiff :) video to be uploaded on Instagram... blame the somersaults I was doing. 

And from this hippie, its all kisses... till the next birthday.


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