FNB Joburg Art Fair.

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In continuing with the spirit of taking myself out of my comfort zone, I decided to do something I would do something totally out of the ordinary for me – Attending the FNB Joburg Art Fair.
It was held at the Sandton International convention Centre and I am glad to report that there is something for everyone here. You don’t need to be artsy or be a collector. I even learnt a few things between all the fun times.
The writing was on the wall... And the message was very clear.
You dirty what now??? 
“Over the past six years, the FNB Joburg Art Fair, the first international art fair on the continent, has played a leading role in supporting contemporary art with a pan-African focus. The Art Fair has become an important place for the continent’s artists, curators, collectors, writers and art lovers to congregate.

The 2014 Fair in its seventh edition will see the fourth edition of the FNB Art Prize and a curated Special Projects Programme crafted by our curatorial team.
One of Artlogic’s primary aims with the FNB Joburg Art Fair is to cultivate new audiences for contemporary art from Africa. Since its inception in 2008, First National Bank has remained the primary sponsor of the Fair. Artlogic would like to thank FNB for their ongoing support of the Fair.

We would also like to thank all of our participating galleries for their loyal commitment over the years, Arts Alive and the City of Johannesburg, the Gauteng Provincial Government, the Department of Trade and Industry, Pirelli, Grolsch, the Goethe Institut, the French Institute, the Spanish Embassy and the University of Johannesburg.” – FNB Joburg Art Fair

Meet the artist who loves arm wrestling – Anthea “Ant” Moyes 
Of course she is the loser. At least she smiled through her loss. This gym junkie means business. 
There were moments I found myself standing staring into pictures trying to understand/ find the meaning, inspiration or even the emotion behind a piece that led to the piece coming together. Unfortunately I am not well knowledged enough to know about art to find such deep meaning.
I might not have understood much because I have a lot to learn but I learnt something.
I know that some of the art, when I looked at it – I felt disturbed. Some art made me smile – it just reminded me of my playful childlike spirit within that wanted to be embraced.
I guess I can think of that as myself having an emotional connection with art – whatever that means.

This guy made my day. I mean really. Doesn’t he just make you want to play with him? 
Now this is the picture that disturbed me. But I still couldn’t stop starring at it. All those tubes coming from her belly gave me the hibby jeebies. Awesome piece though.
Joey from the stage production War Horse also made an appearance - War Horse will be presented in South Africa by Pieter Toerien, Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) and The National Theatre of Great Britain, in association with Handspring Puppet Company.
It will be on stage at the Teatro in Montecasino from the 22nd October – 30th November 2014.
And Tickets will range from R150 to R450.

Joey from War Horse 
Then I came around the corner and saw a blue mattress. We call this collection – Deans Bed.
Yes, Dean has amazing friends who agreed to pose in the nude for the love of his art. There was beauty and simplicity in this collection. He captured the human body – male and female – in all its glory. He portrayed the beauty that is a woman’s so elegantly. We love Deans work, Find him on twitter @2point8photo
The hashtag for this collection was #LuckyDean

And then a bunch of strangers saw a mattress in public and thought spooning would be such a grand idea... And spoon on the mattress is what they did, and let me tell you it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E – Don’t try this at home (Spooning with strangers that it.) 
In the spooning awesomeness, this young lady wanted to join in the fun. All were welcome. 
And in a comfortable corner was the large DTI Lounge were various up and coming artists had their work presented. Here is a collection that pulled me in from Takalani Ligege from the Venda Art Trading Enterprise.

Breast Cancer - Takalani Ligege 
The Domba Dance - Takalani Ligege 
A venda Lady playing the drum - Takalani Ligege 
Every day I learn. I push to keep out of the comfort zone and every day I am enjoying the thrill of not knowing what they next moment will hold being out of my comfort zone.

Thank you FNB for bringing us the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2014. Until next year…
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ― Nelson MandelaLong Walk to Freedom 

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