Road Tripping to Vhembe...

4:32 pm

The road trip on Friday night had all roads leaving Joburg heading to Shayandima Location in the Vhembe region, Limpopo province.

The Vhembe region is made up of the following municipalities:
·         Makhado
·         Musina
·         Mutale
·         Thulamela
·         Thohoyandou 

Besides the Pretoria traffic the 6 hour journey was pleasant but be warned, there are road works just as you approach Louis Trichardt and those will slow you down for a while. Not more than 3 kilometres. You will have to drive through 5 tollgates, the rate keeps increasing, not good news for us budget travellers. You also have the option of going via Elim to get to Thohoyandou but I wouldn’t recommend that route, the road is not in the greatest condition and livestock love roaming that road.

The road between Louis Trichardt and Thohoyandou may seem like it is long and winding if you do not know it. It is very dark there considering the pine tree forests but before you know it you will be driving past villages and the lighting becomes better. This is the Punda Maria Road, if you follow this road to where it ends... you will find yourself at the Kruger National Park Punda Maria Gate. Game Drive anyone???

The Vhembe region is no haven for backpackers but it will definitely cater to your shoe string budget. There is a lot to see and a lot more to experience.

There are a lot of lodges. And for the campers there is the Acasia Park Caravan Park right on Punda Maria Road in Thohoyandou.

There are a few things to do in the Vhembe region:
·         Picnic, fishing, boating in the Albasini and Nandoni Dam
·         Thohoyandou Arts and Culture Centre

Local Attractions include:
·         Tshatshingo Portholes
·         Phiphidi Waterfalls
·         The Big Tree
·         Sacred Lake Fundudzi
·         Mapungubwe World Heritage Site
·         Tshivhase Tree Plantations
·         Thathe Vondo Forest
·         Tshakhuma Fruit Market
·         Tshipise Resort

If there is one thing I lack, its patience. I would not advise you to go into the town anytime before 6pm as it is unbearably busy because it is the only place to do your shopping for the majority of the people as far as Malamulele.

But unfortunately if you will be using the public transport, taxis are very scarce after 6pm.

However there are private cabs available. You can just ask your accommodation establishment to advise on who they work better with.

The one place you must absolutely visit is the Tshakhuma Fruit Market.
You will never find bigger bananas, juicies oranges and more organic fruit and vegetables anywhere else... Trust me on this one.

For Road Trippers, The Vhembe region is the place to go unwind. Chasing the Soutpansberg Mountains and driving through lush green forests sounds like a lot of fun to me. Learn more about the Venda people and their culture. 

You can read more on the Vhembe region from the Limpopo Tourism website on: 
Did I miss anything, please leave as comment and tell us more about what you love doing in the Vhembe region.
Pay the Vhembe region a visit and share what else you discover.
As for me, I lose a phone almost everytime I visit this place. So all the content collected for todays post has been lost. Heart breaking I know.


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