City Of Joburg Proudly Presents the Arts Alive 2014 Jazz on the Lake.

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The Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival is an annual festival that celebrates and embraces arts and culture. It showcases the countries best in theatre, dance, visual arts and music.

Selfie Moment...
What better way to usher out winter and welcome spring than with the Joburg Crowds at the annual Arts Alive Jazz on the Lake music festival at the Zoo Lake in Northern Johannesburg. This years festival was proudly presented to us by The City of Joburg.
The line-up included Zimbabwean born Josh Meck, Jonny Clegg, Remna Schwarz, Colbert Mukwevho, The Soil and the gentleman that made all the ladies scream, Vusi Nova.

The Soil.
Joburgers were entertained and they danced... HARD.
In bidding winter farewell, The crowds celebrated.
What better way to celebrate than with great music?!

The Jazz on the lake is a free music festival that brings all of Joburg together. From the hippies to the pantsulas and the bourgeoisie. Picnic baskets and cooler bags are packed and family and friends get to enjoy their simple meals while being entertained by the musicians on stage.
There are also food stalls for those that were not able to pack a picnic basket.

When Vusi Nova came onto the stage, all the ladies started screaming their lungs out. I will tell you now, this good looking young man is loved by the ladies. I can bet you a few ladies lost their voices during his performance. He paid tribute to the late and great Brenda Fassie with his own rendition of songs such as “Weekend Special”.

Could this be a groupie moment?
Selfie with Josh Meck.
Colbert Mukwevho also graced us with his presence on stage. Colbert is a great raggae musician from the Vhembe region in the Limpopo province. (Note I did not say he is from Venda – Geographically, there is no place called Venda). Colbert paid tribute to reggae Legend Bob Marley and had everyone sing and dance along to his great performance.

In the middle of all the great entertainment, I got to strike a pose.
And then there was Johnny Clegg. I doubt there are South Africans who do not know the lyrics to the legendary songs of Johnny Clegg. The young and old sang along to his music. The passion that unites South Africans was highlighted when he was on stage.


Some came dressed in the Sunday best straight from church and others had already ditched their winter wardrobe to show their summer skin.

The picnic affair. 
This festival was perfect for a family outing.
TIP: At festivals like this it’s always easy for the young ones to get separated from the parents, it advisable for the parents to write their number on the kids arm in a permanent marker. That way it is easier to locate you. The moment the little one gets separated from you, they become stressed. Even if they know your number off by heart, chances are they might not remember it while they are under stress.

New Friends were made... The best way Joburgers know how.
The beautiful Joburg Crowd. 
At the end of the day... We all just swim into the sunset.


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