Solo Wandering the Gauteng Getaway Show

1:22 pm

What a day well spent. The Getaway show was simply amazing. Very well organised and filled with the most happiest of characters. I guess it's a traveller/adventurer thing constantly being excited about your next trip even if you don't know when that might be or where it will take you.
The Getaway show was held at the Northgate Coca Cola Dome from 29 – 31 August 2014.

The entrance
To prove I was having a bit too much fun, I had taken my car to the carwash and walked into the show. Yes I forgot about my car and only remembered about it 5 hours later when I needed to go home.
There was everything for a wanderlust soul under one roof. From campers to luxury travellers. 
Africa as a whole was well presented. Well knowledged Tour operators were everywhere. Local municipality tourism boards made an appearance too which made me so happy. This goes to show how as a country we love our tourism and we take it seriously. 

I had really great chats with the guys from the Polokwane Municipality who shared a stand with GoLimpopo. 
The warmest city - Durban had a beautiful stand where you could take pictures with a Durban backdrop and also get a free 15min neck massage for simply liking their FB page and following their twitter account - the unspoken power of social media.

The warmest city - Durban Stand

The best part for me being that I am all about budget travel was how there was everything for budget travellers. Accommodation establishments, activities and gadgets were available. There were plenty of competitions that one could enter. Some interactive and some you just fill in a form and keep it moving. There was also a lot of entertainment for kids and adults as well.

The great entertainment at the Sedgwicks stage

Some brands went all out. They weren't about to have alligator arms when it came to marketing their brands at this show. Obikwa wines vadn Ollie the Ostrich were there and made sure you felt their presence.  

The Ollie the Ostrich - Obikwa Wines Wine Garden 
Then there was Sedgwicks Old Brown Sherry. They brought us the entertainment at the "Beer Garden", really great singers were on the stand holding a note really well. This was not IdolSA wooden mic stuff, these guys were all really great and talented. They had the coolest team in my opinion that kept the free drinks flowing. Young energetic guys with dashing smiles and always ready to photobomb anyones pictures and assist you in creating lasting memorable moments. This was a winning team really.

The Awesome Sedgwicks photobomber with the photo frame.
One day I am going to go ride into the sunset on Betsy -
 the Sedgwicks Old Brown Sherry trusted iron steed.

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