The Nederburg heritage Heroes Range

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While wandering about at the 10th Soweto Wine and Lifestyle Festival there was the Nederburg stand that you couldn’t possible miss with all the handsome young men who were very well knowledge about their wines... and a whole lot of others things J I discovered the Nederburg Heritage Heroes wine range. And I just knew you wine lovers would love this story.

When I was told the story behind these wines, I thought Nederburg went and found script writers and had them write an interesting tale. Nope, turns out this is the true story of how the Nederburg Wines came about. The Nederburg Heritage Heroes range is made up of five wines.

In the Heritage Heroes range we have the two red wines:

His real name is Johann Graue and he originally comes from Germany.
Before he started making wines at Nederburg, he worked at a brewery.
He is the father to The young AirHawk.
Dark, intense red
Concentrated aromas of dark fruit, blackcurrant, cigar box, tobacco and a hint of vanilla spice.

His name is Gunter Brozel. Gunter is the Cellar Master.
The name “The motorcycle marvel” came about because Gunter always went riding on his motorcycle at the crack of dawn checking up on the vineyards. He was the cellar master at Nederburg from 1956 to 1989.
Dark, intense red
An abundance of spicy, peppery berry and sweet fruit characters.

There is also three white wines:

Tribute to Arnold Graue.
This guy is the son to the the Brew Master - Johann Graue.
His father always planned for him to take over the wine farm, but as most of us don’t like following our parents dreams for our lives – he had a passion for flying.
Unfortunately this young man was killed in a plane crash.
Clear, light green with golden hue
Layers of green figs, asparagus and minerality, very well integrated with wood.
Short and straight to the point -This is the man that started the Nederburg Wine Farm.
Brilliant with a golden hue
Reminiscent of ripe fruits, especially apricots and oranges, with floral hints and traces of raisin and spice.
A tribute to Ilse Graue.
The wife to Johann Graue. She ran the manor house.
She loved music, this is why the bottle has a piano on the label as part of the tribute.
Light straw yellow
Typical Gewürztraminer nuances of rose petals and Turkish delight on the nose with alluring sweet litchi and pineapple notes.

I was fortunate enough to try the Beautiful lady, one one guess why.

Now that I have shed some light on what inspired this range, I would like you guys to go out and try the whole range and come tell me what you think and which is your favourite.

*For food pairing ideas, visit the Nederburg website.
**All pictures are courtesy of the Nederburg website.
*** Wines not sold to children under the age of 18 years. Please drink responsibly.

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