A Book Launch, Mentors and Wine

1:37 pm

Location: Love Books, Melville, Johannesburg.

Event: “Dance to the beat of the drum” By Pamela Nomvete – Book Launch.

I was invited to the book launch by Sihle Khumalo. You would think I would who is launching a book but I was too excited just to spend an evening with my wanderlust mentor turn author. The fact that they had wine at this book launch was a bonus.
If you are still wondering who Sihle is, He did the Cape to Cairo a few years back, took him 4 months and he wrote a book “Dark continent, My black arse”. Get it, read it. You won’t want to put it down.
Meet Sihle Khumalo

Who is Pamela Nomvete?
South Africans will know Pamela fondly as Ntsiki Lukhele. The fearless, Crazy, vicious “b*tch” on the soapie Generations.
Pamela is an Ethiopian born actress, born of South African parents in exile. Can a life get more interesting? She grew up in Southern Africa and later moved to the UK at the age of 14 to attend high school and later University. She then came to SA in 1994 and that is when she got the opportunity to play the role of NtsikiLukhele. A role that led to Pamela living in a Johannesburg apartment with curtains drawn all day because fans where always at her door step.
Pamela has written an autobiography and she has titled it “Dance to the beat of the drum”.
In this book Pamela talks openly of her upbringing, life in the UK as a young girl, life as a celebrity, how she was raised Christian and now practices Buddhism, also reveals the real reasons why she left S.A to go back to the UK.
Because selfies are life...

As she read the first page for us, I knew this book was to be added to my reading list for my upcoming adventure. I love a well told story of a life lived with passion and purpose and this is that one story.
The first paragraph of the book reads something like this:

“The sangoma said that when it is time to connect to with your calling, your true self, you must “Dance to the beat of the drum”…

Dance to the beat of the Drum..
Pamela goes on to share the real reasons why she left S.A and vowed never to return again.
The real reasons being:
·         A failed marriage
·         A failed career
·         Total failure in her relationship with her homeland

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity..
Pamela has had 28 years in the arts. In S.A and internationally. She has starred in productions such as “Nothing but the truth”, and films like “Zulu love letter”.
While in the UK she was working at the National Theatre and was the matriarch of the first black family on Coronation street. Soapies love her as much as she loves her art – no doubt.
After an hour listening to Pam ad Lebo discussing the book, was able to mingle, take pictures, and sign a few books. All in a days work.

Book signing.
Due to my upcoming adventure backpacking Cape to Cairo and limited space I have,I unfortunately could not buy the book as I will not be able to carry it. I am so excited about losing myself in this book.I will however be getting the e-book and reading it on my travels. And of course you will know when I am reading it because it will be on my page listed under my “Current Read”.

In the meantime you can go read the book and come let me know what you think. Give me your review in the comments section below.


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