The Town Everyone Drives Past - Van Reenan

10:30 am

Day one of the Knorr Flavour Tour.

We were treated and welcomed as VIP's.
This is where our road trip started. From Soweto and stopping over at Van Reenen for lunch at a small local hotel called the Green Lantern Inn – This right here, Flavour was found.

The thing is most of us have driven past Van Reenen from Johannesburg to Durban and have never though that a few metres from the N3 highway, hides a small town waiting to be discovered.
For those of you wondering, Van Reneen is on the boarder of Free state and Kwazulu Natal Province In South Africa.
When I speak of a small town, I am saying this because everything is literally within a 300m radius of each other. From the petrol station, hotel, general dealer and the tourism desk. Yes, it is just a desk inside the general dealer.

The Green Lantern Inn.
At the general dealer you can pretty much buy everything you need. From your groceries, clothes and tea set to gift your friend on her wedding day. It is also an antique shop.
The queen of second hand clothes in me came out and thrived as I got some really great bargains.

Lunch was more of a farm homemade buffet style, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There after we had Chef Wendy from Knorr give a demonstration creating a lovely salad.

The reason I love small towns, is because you never know what kind of gems you will discover. Every small town has its own secret that is like the tourist puller.
At VanReneens, At the Green Lantern Inn, they have a bar. From the door this bar looks pretty much like a normal fully stocked bar which will serve you a crisp cold draft of your favourite beer. Until the resident waiter and waitress walk in.
The resident waiter and waiteress are donkeys – A mother and son duo. Who you can get to interact with, you can feed them crisps and some ice cubes. As a lover of our four legged friends, I was more excited about feeding a donkey and having her lick the ice cube off the palm of my hand than the tequila they were serving at the bar.

The Dining area.
The Food was just so beautifully laid out for us.
You are probably wondering how I can sell this small town to you – Its very simple.
You know those weekends we all plan with our friends? All you want to do is find somewhere to fish, stock up on drinks, food and make a bonfire? This is the place. It is also in the middle of nowhere so you don’t have to concern yourself about noise and a nightlife temptation. Do not expect luxury, all you need are the basics from the 60s.

The Lounge area.
Doesn't this look like your grams living room?
Only thing missing are doilys on those couches.
I can confidently say that I did find the Flavour at Van Reenen on this Knorr Flavour Tour because, well – Nothing’s better than a Sho’t Left.

Sho't Left, Knorr Flavour and Radio 2000.


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