Solo Wandering with Pioneer Coaches

1:45 pm

Recently I wrote about road tripping to the Vhembe region of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. It was a self drive to the township of Shayandima a few kilometres from Thohoyandou the capital city. 
Vhembe region is made of 4 municipalities. Which are :
·         Makhado Municipality
·         Musina Municipality
·         Mutale Municipality
·         Thulamela Municipality

This time I was not inspired to drive. No part of me was keen on this 6 hour drive alone. Even I knew that singing (read screaming) along to Taylor Swift was not going to keep me company.

I am headed to the Vhembe region. This time to musina municipality. We are celebrating Heritage week in South Africa - a holiday that is all about being South African and celebrating your beautiful heritage the best way you can. Some choose to have a Braai. Since the lazy wanderer was not inspired to drive, I made a call to the Pioneers coach offices Friday morning and requested a ticket from JHB to Musina. I got the ticket for a 6 pm overnight bus leaving JHB for Bulawayo, you would think as an avid traveller I would know how to always be on time... Well I have perfected this skill, but unfortunately the events coordinator schedule within doesn't run on the traveller schedule. No they refuse to sync. I missed that bus.
So I phoned the Pioneer offices again to make another plan, I need to be in Musina first thing in the morning for the festivities that will be held at the Musina Showgrounds.

So I drove to Pretoria, left my car at a friend's and was dropped off at bus station.
I arrived to a team that was looking forward to meeting me. From my charming driver to the gentleman that issued my ticket. What a friendly and happy team.
If you have driven on South African roads chances are you have seen the big yellow Pioneer busses on the roads. I haven't travelled by bus in a long time to be honest I have just driven myself everywhere.... It's convenient - I always thought. 
Besides the friendly and pleasant staff onboard the coach, the passengers are all in a way a big family. It's unspoken but we are one. We are on a journey together and we all would like to reach our destination in one peace. Our driver makes the announcements, then a passenger volunteers to say a prayer for our journey ahead. At this point, I was sold. I like wandering the Pioneer way.

On board the bus, there are tv's for our entertainment. I am a lover of all types of music, if it's a foreign language I get more excited. On our journey our driver played some tshikalanga music. I understand a few words thanks to the Shona language having some words similar to the Tshivenda language and years of listening to Oliver Mtukudzi.
The bus is spacious, yes to plenty of leg room. I absolutely love the reclining seats.

I reached my destination at 2am.
My journey on the Pioneer has been a pleasant one.
Next time you find yourself headed to Zimbabwe, find the big yellow bus with the warm and friendly staff who will take you to your destination comfortably and safely. Tell them the solo wanderer sent you - with love.
From me - I am sold on wandering the Pioneer way.


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