The Kruger National Park via the Vhembe District.

10:00 am

What can one do in the Kruger National Park having entered through the Pafuri gate.

You can jump around for joy...
Welcome to the Limpopo Province.
1. The obvious game drive - all I wanted to see were elephants.
Right of admission is reserved.
In this neck of the wild, photobombers are everywhere...
not that i am complaining.
Some guys will definitely leave their bushes to come spend lunch with you.
I can now say I have had lunch with monkeys and Inyalas.
On 25 February 2000, there were devastating floods that hit the
Kruger National Park due to heavy rains.
I am standing next to a the ablution block and above my head is the marking
of how high the floods were.
This is at the Pafuri Picnic spot.
The feeding or disturbing of animals is a serious offence.
Remember, animals see litter as food!
Every once in a while some hippos will come up for air and to wink at you... sightings of crocodiles are also possible as they can be playful amongst themselves as well. The crocs also come out to play.
As I am standing on South African soil, in from of me is the Limpopo
River separating South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Welcome to the village of Makandezulo,
This is what gas stations in a village in Mozambique looks like.
This is just enough petrol for you till you reach your next gas station.
Here we were driven by our game rangers. We park our cars at the base, get briefed on rules, regulations and about safety. The rules are simple:
The Media Delegation hosted by the Vhembe District Municipality
hiking up to the Thulamela hill.

  • Walk in a single line
  • No talking while you walk
  • Should you need the rangers attention while we walk up the hill, you whistle or slap your thigh (This apparently sounds like an elephant breking a tree branch)...
  • Should dangerous animals approach, no running - you will follow the rangers instructions. 
  • Ice cold water - When hiking in the summer, the temperature is not kind
  • Sun screen is a must
  • A hat
  • most importantly, hiking boots - trust me on this.
This is a fever tree forest between Crooks corner and the Pafuri Boarder Gate.
These guys are everywhere in the Kruger National Park.
The jump around in numbers.
Please note that you may get out of your vehicle in certain designated areas
 but you do so at your own risk.
Now go Wander the Vhembe District and come share with me what else you discover. 

2. Lunch at the Pafuri Picnic spot while watching animals on the Levubu river bathing in the sun. I was very lucky and got to witness 2 elephants mating.

3. Take a break at crooks corner and take in the breathtaking triangle that is the three countries joining - South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Standing on South African soil separated from the other countries by the Levubu river.

4. How about sampling some Mozambican traditional beer in the village of Makandezulo. Enter Mozambique through the Pafuri boarder gate from the Kruger National Park.

5. Thulamela heritage site

What I recommend you need when hiking up to the heritage site:
If you still have not planned your festive holiday, I believe I just planned it for you. 


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