A Namibia not for Solo or budget travelers

12:03 pm

Windhoek is the Capital city of Namibia. It's not surprising that this is the ideal place to start your Namibian adventure. There is a lot to do in Namibia for tourists. From game drives, sandboarding and other sand activities, desert excursions and even the coastal town of Swakopmund offering great entertainment.
In my week here I have realized that Namibia is not a solo travellers dream come true. Most of the activities are very expensive compared to what I have already paid for in other countries such as Botswana.

As much as I like discovering countries as a local, I would also like to feed my adventurous streak and experience some fun times and get my adrenaline going. For me go on a weekend away from Windhoek on an organised your I would end up paying what I have budgeted for for my 2 weeks stay in the country.
Traveling is easy on a budget with a group of friends, you can hire a car and share costs without having to use a your operator. In that case that also means this isn't the place for a solo traveller. Where most activities are, you need transport to get there. You can't use public transport.
I have made peace with not exploring that part of Namibia.

On the other hand there is the Windhoek nightlife which is quiet something to write home about. From theatre to Kareoke nights you will be entertained to no end.

There are also organised excursions to the township, these will cost you about N$300. I made friends with some locals and I only paid N$20 which was my return taxi fare. When in the township, go eat the Kapana. That is a special kind of meat that they braai/barbaque In the township. I hear it's very nice. Have it with the salsa. I can confidently say the salsa is the best I have ever tasted. I am vegetarian so I did not have the Kapana meat. From what I got from the tour organisers for the township tour, I had better experience.

I do not have a lot of pictures of my experiences in the Katitura (Township) as I was warned by locals I need a man to walk with me as I take pictures so that I am safe as some changers would violently take possession of my phone or camera without compensation. It has to be a market and not a gay man - gay men will run to cover their faces when faced with violence as they scream for dear life. Well my local friends are gay so that left me with no one to take pictures with.

Should you be lucky to have a beautiful bank balance that people like me dream of, come discover Namibia. And if you are on a budget, come to Windhoek and find some locals. The nightlife is really amazing and so is the local beer (so I hear about the beer anyways)...


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