A Place Of Great Noise - Augrabies Falls National Park

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Welcome to The place of Great Noise
My travels in the past 3 months have been very kind to me to take me to several South African National Parks.
I did the Kruger National Park and the Mapungubwe National Park in September with the Vhembe Municipality as part of the Heritage week tour.

Last week while in Cape Town I hiked up Lions head - 669 metres above sea level. Lions head forms part of the Table Mountain National Park.
I love National Parks. As an animal lover, I can’t help be excited about seeing wild animals at some of these parks also the heritage that is protected in some of these parks is what no textbook will teach you or help you experience.

The Orange River

For my second week in South Africa I am in the Northern Cape. As I make my mission to discover the green Kalahari, I managed to visit the Augrabies Fall National Park.
This is where the Kalahari and Nama-Karoo desert meet and the Orange River flows. This is where you can experience the Kokerboom Food and Wine Route.

Meet the Green Kalahari
Augrabies means a place of great noise, referring to the thundering sound of the water falling down the 56 metres rocky fall. For me, such beauty is something that I have only witnessed from television or magazines. Augrabies beauty is magnificently breath-taking. Looks like one of those places that you never dream you would visit. Even words fail you when describing this beauty.
The Falls
Not often I recommend places to visit with your other half to travel to, but this place is it. This is the place where you come to be one with nature and just listen to thundering water fall and as you get closer, get sprinkled by the water.

***Did You Know: All the National parks in Kwazulu Natal Province are ran and managed by the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and not the South African National Parks. Hence I did not mention the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park earlier.


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