Backpacking Cape to Cairo.

10:30 am

The countdown is on!!!

With just a day to go till I get to start my adventure backpacking Cape to Cairo, The nerves have really kicked in and reality is more exciting than ever.
For the past 6 months I have been planning for the biggest adventure I will ever go on. I have resigned from my day job to chase a life of being a tourism social media marketer. This adventure that I speak of will see me travel through 11 countries including my home country of S.A.

The countries are as follows:
·         Namibia
·         Botswana
·         Zimbabwe
·         Zambia
·         Malawi
·         Tanzania
·         Kenya
·         Ethiopia
·         Sudan
·         Egypt

The adventure will show the best in budget African travel accommodation establishments, activities, music, lifestyle and cuisine in the different countries.
I will also show the different ways to travel on a budget living in backpackers, couchsurfing, volunteer tourism and camping. The adventure will feature some of Africa`s best music festivals, world heritage sites, water sports and also highlight the love of Africans.
Backpacking Cape to Cairo is on a shoestring budget and Africans Ubuntu has shined through as they have came forward to sponsor me with accommodation in all different countries.
As a travel blogger, my passion is traveling. My curiosity is the drive that will lead me to explore Africa. I decided to embark on this journey not only to promote Africa as a travel destination to Africans but to also introduce traveling as a lifestyle to young black Africans.

I hope my travels add value to my audiences life. I hope to have an impact on how as Africans we perceive Africa and fellow Africans. I hope that through Travel Mzantsi, I will be able to highlight similarities and differences of Africans but also start a culture that celebrates those differences and similarities.

My travels will be shared on my social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and right here on my blog. I will also be posting regular videos on my Facebook page as a way to keep everyone updated on how the adventure is unfolding. The hashtag for this adventure is - #TheSoloWanderer
My mission is to reach out to the rest of Africa so that we can collaborate and use Travel Mzantsi as a vehicle to unite Africa and to showcase Africas best in travel and lifestyle.

Backpacking Cape to Cairo is my way to bring Africa together - one passport stamp at a time, overland.

I am interested in suitable collaborations like sponsorships, giveaways, competitions, advertising and other interesting enquiries. 
Please feel free to contact me on


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