Cape Towns Best Fish and Chips at Kalkys

12:50 pm

A fiery sunrise.
I decided since I am in Cape Town, I must have the best fish and chips. Word on the street is you will get the best at Kalkys in Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay is a fishing village on the coast of False Bay, Cape Town.
But in order to have this fish, I wanted to catch it for myself. So I made a call to George the Kalkys manager. I was the invited to go out with the fishermen at 04:30am.

Kalky's 5

On this day, my morning started at 03:00am as I was staying in Cape Town and had to call a cab and drive out to Kalkys.
I was on time and off we went. I have a new found appreciation for being a fisherman. This is definitely not for the impatient people. So this would never be a career option for me.

Kalky's Menu

There were 10 fishermen and a fisherwoman on that boat ready to take on the Cape Town seas.
As we sail out, we reach a place. We drop our anchor and then the waiting game begins. We managed to catch a lot of baby sharks but we also throw those back into the water,
We caught a rather large baby, he was over a metre long. Very strong and I wrestled that dude down, he was never ready for my strength. He tried to bite me but ended up biting his own tail – Yes, I heard his teeth dig into his tail. Shame, I threw him back. I wasn’t exactly going to kiss his wound better.

A fishing community.
The best part about my trip is I never suffered from any sea sickness. I was taught the trick by the fishermen. Everytime you feel sea sick, focus on the horizon and hold that focus till it goes away – It works.

We sailed past Seal Island. There were plenty of seals and this place does not smell pretty. Also explains why there were a lot of sharks in that area, they feed on the seals.
Seal Island
For those of you wondering what character traits you need to be a fishermen, I concluded:
·         Patience is a virtue
·         Shouting is a completely acceptable method of communicating
·       The art of chain smoking without ever using your hands besides to light the cigarette.

And on our way back, I was the skipper. This is the captain of the fishing boat. I got to pilot the boat back to the harbour.
You have to appreciate the how these fishermen respect and follow fishing regulations. Anything too small or not meant to be fished, they throw it back into the water. Well, if it’s too small they “tag” it. I won’t share with you how exactly they do that, you might want to go on an expedition and find this out yourself.
When you get back to the harbour, everyone is waiting to buy your catch for the day.
At the end of my fishing expedition, it was lunchtime and was only appropriate that I had fish and chips for lunch.

And I have put my stamp of approval – Kalky’s really do serve the best fish and chips in Cape Town.


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