Dreaming Big vs. Comfort Zones.

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Sunday night I got onto a bus from Upington to Windhoek, Namibia. There is nothing in this world better than the feeling you get when a customs official hands you your stamped passport and welcomes you to their country. Passport stamps are what those smitten with wanderlust live to collect. This is our hobby. Not different to scrapbooking, collecting vintage cars or tea cups as a hobby.
I am a backpacker, the best type of traveller (I am very biased).

If there is one thing that I have proved to myself, is the power of dreaming. Dream big and don't fear being ridiculous about your dreams. Dreams do come true, if only you would believe.
I have taken the ultimate step of faith and just given it all up and trusted in a higher power that all that my heart desires will be granted, as long as I am willing to put it out there for the universe to know.

Solo traveling is amazing. I have the freedom to do what I want when I want and also how I want to do it. But also this world and path I have followed gets very lonely very quickly. The trick is to get busy, not to dismiss the loneliness. Acknowledge it then focus on something else. Another thing is you will meet a lot of people, others will adopt you. Some will invite you into their homes and some will just share a glass of wine with you, however it comes your way - remember to count your blessings and say you prayers.

Let's talk about comfort zones for a minute...

A comfort zone is a stage in your life were living a routine is ok – or so you think. You are not necessarily unhappy, but you aren't happy either. Things make sense and seem set in stone. For instance you know on the 25th of each month you get paid a salary, bills are paid. You are at a point in your life where you are looking for a life partner who will complement you in your comfort zone. 
For those bills to be paid, you have to wake up every morning and face your boss that makes life so miserable for you... or do a job you can't stand just because you have a degree on experience doing it.
Have you ever taken a moment to step outside of your comfort zone and just analyse your situation like an outsider?
Sat and realized that your comfort zone really isn't that comfortable after all. All there is to it is you have just made peace with misery and learnt to accept the mediocre as a way of life - because it really is an easier way out.
Taking risks where ones’ life is concerned is not easy. Especially if you have dependents. You have to consider them as well.

Perhaps being selfish deciding to resign from my job, selling everything and just backpacking my way from Cape to Cairo was a sign of me being a coward. Of me backing out of a miserable situation. Perhaps things would have gotten better. But here is how I see it: I was miserable as hell. And no amount of money can ever be worth it. I was so miserable that I hated Joburg traffic. I am not one to complain but complaining became a part of my everyday life. So basically I had resigned my happiness and put it in someone's hands. Simply because that life was easier and acceptable to society.

Today, as I have entered Namibia, ready to discover a land I have never been to I would just like to share this with you:
When it comes to your dreams, be childlike about it. Only you can stop you from achieving greatness. Believe in something - be it a higher power, a person, a God or even yourself. Just believe. As this is the root of all faith.
Where I come from - Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Sometimes all you need is your faith. All I have that will take me through these African countries is my Faith and of course having my mom as captain of my cheerleading squad and my number one fan makes it a whole lot easier. I swear when your mom supports even the craziest of your ideas, you can move mountains. Believe this.

The truth about stepping out of your comfort zones is that every day is a thrill. Every day you don't know what to expect. With each day you don't know whether you will fall or rise to the occasion. But the best part, you sold yourself a dream. You believed in that dream so much that you now just need to get everyone to buy into your dream as well.
If there's anything I would like you to take from my foolishness/crazy/bravery or whatever you choose to call it, Comfort zones are society's way of telling you that you are mediocre. Comfort zones are a trap – not very different from growing up.



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