My First day In Cape Town

5:49 pm

I am glad to report that I survived my first day in Cape Town – although, not with its fair share of interesting events.
I landed at the Cape Town International Airport from Johannesburg and of course as any time before, Cape Town weather has never been in my favour. It was gloomy and raining.
The flight was a bit bumpy because of the weather. Since we were just leaving Joburg, we concluded that there must be potholes in the air as well – Oh how I love my city.

Welcome To Cape Town.
From the airport I was headed to Sunflower Stop in Green Point, my home for the next two days.
Will tell you more about this A.W.E.S.O.M.E home of mine in the next post.
From the airport I got on a MyCity Bus. So when you buy your ticket, you get a card that you can reload. Very similar to the Gautrain system. When I got my card I said that I was going to main Road in Green Point as that is where Sunflowers Stop is, little did I know how long main road is… Yes, of course I got lost.
I got off the bus a bit after Sea Point. Which on main road is a 15 minute walk back on main road. But my GPS decided I need an exercise and sent me around the block for a much long walk. And at this point, my luggage is unbearably heavy, I am overdressed and the sun is out - Yay me!!!
I finally reached my home were Andrew was expecting me – You have to meet this guy. Such a colourful character with a very well lived life.

Selfie Game on level #Sensei
With New friends on my flight to Cape Town.
On the bus, I met my first Cape Town friend. A 13 month old Mohammed from Libya who had been in Cape Town for 6 months and from his pram, he knew he would have a better bus ride on my lap speaking a language I did not understand – neither did his dad. The happiest toddler I have met in a while, lots of smiles to go around.

I managed to get lost on my first day of my adventure. I laughed at myself and thought, I am still gonna get lost in the next 6 months. This here adventure will test me to the limits.
But if you want to look at this in a positive light, I got lost to get the whole getting lost out of the way early in my adventure – Yes, this is how I am consoling myself.
I tweeted about getting lost and a very kind and helpful Cape Tonian gave such wise advice on how to find my way. And it worked.

Greatest advice ever.
I procrastinated through my first day in Cape Town but I did manage to take a walk to Sea Point to witness the angry seas. I have to put an Itinerary together of my time in Cape Town, unfortunately spending a week at the bar is not ideal although it would be the easiest way out right…

Sea Point, Cape Town.
After a very cold day in Cape Town, I will better prepared for tomorrow.
Till then…


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