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Here I am on my life changing journey backpacking Cape to Cairo.
As the travel Fairy, I have decided to share some travel tips. Let’s get you traveling like a pro.

1.    Always be alert and aware of your surroundings
2.    Always keep your property close to your. Especially your valuables
3.    If you are traveling outside your home country, it is advisable that you always know where your country embassy is situated in the foreign country you are traveling in
4.    Solo Female travellers – marry yourself! Put a ring on it, this will not ward off all unwanted male attention but it will help.
5.    When packing and you have limited space – Roll EVERYTHING. Genius move this one that will have you looking like you travel light.
6.    Always keep in mind that you don’t want to look inappropriate or offensive by how you dress. As an African woman, I know to always pack long dresses and skirts as some of the African countries I will travel through are religious and others conservative. My shorts will not be appropriate.
7.    Scarfs – These babies are very important. When choosing a scarf, keep a few things in mind:
·         Pick a scarf you can wear as a sarong at the beach or a dress in the worst of heat waves
·         Should you need to enter a religious building that needs you to be covered up, this scarf will come in handy.
·         Should you encounter a chill – this scarf becomes a blankie
8. Citronella oil in your lotion will save you from insect bites. You might smell like a walking can of insect repellent all day but this is worth it.
10. Always keep toilet paper on you - for obvious reasons
11. Ladies, the big girls essentials – always carry more than what you think you will need. Especially if you plan to rough it out and might be stuck in the middle of nowhere
12. Find out what vaccines you need to get for your destination and prioritize these. There are countries that need to see your yellow fever certificate before entering the country or they won’t let you exit.
13. Cell phone roaming for calls or data is extremely expensive. If your accommodation establishment does not have Wi-Fi, plan a lunch at one of these 5 star hotels. During your lunch, abuse that Wi-Fi. Use that time to skype your mom to tell her you are still breathing, have a few scratches from your walking safari but no insect bites – How’s that for an idea? And if you’re are a blogger or social media marketer, the future date function is the reason your work will always be on time.

Now go fourth and travel like the pro that you are. Feel free to share some tips below.


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