What Namibians think of South Africa - And the truth.

11:17 am

I have been in Windhoek just over a week and I love it here. Although yesterday was unbearably hot I couldn't function.
Having spent a week in Windhoek meeting the locals, there are some misconceptions (can't think of a better word at this point) that Namibians have about South Africans.
I have put together the 5 that I have dealt with almost daily...

5. Kapana is like Shisanyama.

Honey, No. I might not be a carnivore but the 2 aren't the same thing.
Shisanyama, you buy your meat and braai/bbq it yourself. Usually at a watering hole.
Kapana is what we would call chicken dust, but it's beef strips.

4. Windhoek is like Johannesburg.. you hear this mostly from the locals who have never been to Johannesburg.

So cute! Windhoek is like Nelspruit. But we forgive you.

3. Soweto is a very dangerous place. I don't want to go there.

I've felt safer in Soweto than in Sandton. That's just me.
From my experience, Soweto is much safer than Katitura. Quote me on this one.

2. South Africa is a dangerous country with too much violently crimes.

I am not sure if you locals like scaring the travelers that come to Windhoek or not but from where I'm standing, seems your crime is far worse than in South Africa. No judgement, one day we will come right.

1. Windhoek Local: Hi, how are you?
Me: I'm good and you?
WL: Good thanks. Where are you from?
Me: Johannesburg, South Africa.
WL: Aaaahh are you Xhosa?
Me: *blank stare* No.
WL: Oh, then you must be Zulu.

Stop with the ignorance. Not everyone in Namibia is from the Shivamba tribe. In South Africa, not everyone is Zulu or Xhosa. We have 11 tribes. Educate yourself and quit that ignorance. It's really not a good look.


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