Adventure hike into Botswana

10:30 am

The hikers...

With adventure being the theme of my trip. I sometimes think I bit more than I can chew. I got a taxi from Windhoek to the Botswana border, a pleasant 4 hour drive with my travel mates Laventry from Russia and Adam from US.

The border is in the middle of the Trans-Kalahari and not much happens here and life is very slow.Not much transport there for us to hike until a kind man gave us a lift to a spot to hike 7km away. Not much luck there, No shade and it's 34degrees heat. The boys swore we stick together so that I am not left alone vulnerable. This is what you have to love and appreciate about backpackers, we will always help each other when needed. I met Adam on Saturday at a backpackers when I was meeting mates to say farewell.

Ghanzi Bound...
We unfortunately got a lift from a guy I will call Lebo who drives at 180km per hour, throws litter all over the place and his music is so loud I couldn't hear myself think. I thought it better to concentrate on my phone than on the road as his driving was terrifying. Honestly, all 3 of us were terrified and I am pretty certain we have never prayed for seat belts to be tighter. We eventually saw a bar and offered to buy Lebo a drink as a way to out of his speeding car. He stopped at a bar and the moment he took off his sunglasses we realized how drunk and stoned this guy really was... also having the audacity to offer one of us crack cocaine. We left Lebo at the bar and hot into one farmers car, he had reached his turn off when we had to get off the back of his pick up truck/ bakkie. The best part was the fact that this drop off is slam in the middle of the Kalahari desert, there was no shade nearby.
All we could do was listen to nature, make animal sounds at the top of our voices knowing very well no one could hear us. We also got jumping in the middle of the TransKalahari highway just for our amusement.

Junction 44. Gets it's name because it is
44km from Ghanzi.
Eventually, the boys went into the small bushes not sure what they were looking for but the U were looking and I managed to flag down a truck for us which took us to Junction 44. This is the junction that turns to Gaborone/South Africa and Ghanzi/Maun. After being dropped by the truck, our luck changed completely - or so we thought. Within 5minutes a bus arrived from Gaborone headed to Ghanzi. We arrived in Ghanzi just before 5p.m. and not having eaten all day.

The truck selfie
We found a hotel and had some burgers. At this point we decided we would not hike any further to Maun as it was already late and going to get dark soon. Adam took a walk around the hotel and found camp site, as budget travelers, staying in the hotel was always out of the question as we knew very well that we could not afford it. We decided to camp - but none of us have tents. This is where the real fun began. Our bed for the night was the lawn and bedding was our sleeping mats and sleeping bags. There were plenty of cockroaches on this campsite which was great comic relief for us. We slept the night away under the Kalahari desert stars in this one horse town that doesn't even have a traffic light. I woke up with Mozzie bites on my forehead.
The sleeping situation...
The bus for Maun was said to leave at 6.a.m. It arrived at 8:30a.m and was already full. Not willing to try the hiking again for another day, we squeezed into the bus that can only accommodate 25 passengers and 11 had to be standing. This bus was overloaded but we unfortunately had no choice as it is the only bus from Ghanzi to Maun.
We were stopped at a road block and they let us go like nothing even happened. We eventually arrived in Maun just  before midday.
Jumping in the Kalahari desert.
Looking back on this, I can't help but smile. I made 2 new friends. I had an excuse to sleep under the stars, I laughed till I couldn't anymore. Captured so many pictures on of great and not so great moments.More than anything, I still continue to count my blessings and the sun burn made. the whole experience worthwhile.

P.S. Don't believe anyone who says black people Dont get sun burnt, they lied. We might not turn tomato red or be in pain, but our skin gets very dry and starts peeling.


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