Chameleon Backpackers - The heart of Namibia

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As a traveler, you seldom miss the backpackers you stayed at while traveling, you are more likely to be homesick. I have traveled through Namibia, Botswana and right now I am in Zimbabwe and my heart doesn't seem to yearn for South Africa, I'm homesick but I want to be back at chameleon backpackers in Windhoek. Back with a family I shared meals and laughs with for a week, an amazing bunch of wanderlusters who came together and became a family.
The best part about chameleon is everyone is part of this family, you can't really tell who works there and who doesn't. All so helpful and kind, always with a smile.

Chameleon Backpackers is in Windhoek a 5 minute walk away from town.
The beauty about Chameleon is it isn't just a backpackers establishments. They offer dormitory beds from approx US$15 per night, a guesthouse with spacious rooms and en-suite bathrooms and a commune available for stays of more than 3 months.
What Ienjoyed the most about being in the dorm room was the fact that the toilet and shower are in the room. This is a luxury in backpackers establishments as most of the toilets are outside the room. The dorm room accommodates 6 people.
There is a continental breakfast every morning in the communal kitchen which is fully equipped for all your culinary skills. 
Chameleon also offers you 2 hours free Wi-Fi for every night that you are staying there and should you spend your 2 hours, you may purchase another 2 hours for approximately US$3.

There is a braai/barbeque to bring together the travelers staying at Chameleon every Thursday night but because everyone becomes a family, there ends up being a braai every night,
10pm the bar closes and noise levels have to be brought down to a minimum but that doesn't stop the family that just shared a meal together at dinner from staying up and whispering to each other about their life stories and fond memories about their home countries.

I made friends at Chameleon from as far as France, Sweden and even Australia. my travel family keeps expanding and I can't help miss all the fun people i met.
As I travel further away from Namibia, I keep telling the people I meet to go to Chameleon because i really wish that people can experience the home I had in Windhoek.

Next time you plan a trip to Namibia, Stay at Chameleon... You will not be disappointed.


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