Dear Namibia - A love Letter

11:54 am

Dear Namibia..

I have been here for 2 weeks. They tell me how dangerous you are but you have been nothing but gentle and good to me.
As I leave and make my way to Botswana, I am sad to say good bye. More than anything, I would love to stay.
I have made some good friends discovered your beauty and tasted your award winning beer. You are truly the land of the brave. You have come so far and have so far to go still. I hope to walk this journey with you. Thank you for playing a part in my journey to self discovery as well as promoting Africa to Africans.

I have made so many friends from as far as Italy and France. Through you I expanded my travel family. I have shared stories of my home country South Africa And had the opportunity to invite more people to come discover my beautiful country of South Africa on a Sho't Left.
I have had late nights spent around the braai with people I now consider my own family.

Thank you for your beauty, thank you for your ocean, sand dunes, desert, game and the heat. Thank you for being so exciting and for leaving me wanting more time with you.

Let it be known that your Kapanas are the grandest ever, your people loving, warm and welcoming.

Let anybody that was ever curious about you know that the solo wanderer highly recommends you.

If anything, I promise to be back.

With absolute love...


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