Traveling Between Botswana to Zimbabwe

10:30 am

Maun is in the Central Kalahari in Botswana. I have had to travel using public transport from Maun to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe my next country on my journey.
The day starts extremely early, I had stayed up with my host and friend until 2am. I had to be at the bus station at 5am. Terrible decision this was, even if I should say so myself.

5a.m. I was at the bus station waiting for my mini bus to Francistown. There are no direct buses from Maun to Bulawayo. There's a bus that comes from Namibia (the same bus that myself, Adam and Lavernty couldn't get a seat on from Namibia). Unfortunately this bus is full when it passes Maun.
5:30a.m. the bus left Maun headed for Francistown, this bus costs P105 and it's a 5 hour drive.
It has been raining the past 2 days in Maun, a very welcomed relief from the summer heat. This drive was pleasant on a cloudy Sunday morning. In Francistown I would catch another mini bus headed to the Zimbabwean border which costs P20 and you get charged extra for your luggage. I was charged an extra P20 for my hiking pack. You have to wait for the mini bus to get full, so I waited about a good hour.
About 60km out of Maun, the mini bus stops, all travelers get off with all pairs of shoes they have. Maun is a foot and mouth disease prone area and this place we have to step on some material that kills the germs on your shoes and the mini bus driver through a shallow pool to kill potential germs on the tyres.

I then Started chatting to some ladies as they were curious of where I came from and where I was going.
Because of my hiking pack, I always get the look that lets me know that they are talking about me. It's not everyday my fellow Africans see an African girl with a huge hiking pack traveling Africa. While in conversation with the ladies outside who were so fascinated by my journey, others were eavesdropping. When I got into the mini bus to take my seat, the whole mini bus was talking about me and how I am just traveling Africa.

The question I kept getting from everyone is why would you want to travel. It made no sense. I got this question so many times I asked the crowd if they ever question fellow Caucasian travelers the way I have been questioned. The answer was simply: We expect it from Caucasians. But why aren't you scared? When I ask scared of what, I was told of being kidnapped. Who would kidnap me? They had no response as they don't know.

After an hour drive we reached our destination, the border. It's festive season so the crowds are starting to travel to their holiday destinations. Amazingly there were a lot of south Africans traveling to Zimbabwe through Botswana to avoid Beit bridge as all south Africans know this border gate can be a nightmare to go through during the busiest time of the year. From the border we got into another mini bus headed for Bulawayo which was perfect lift for through the 8km No-mans land between Botswana and Zimbabwe. After our stamps we were ready to go.

From the border to Bulawayo it costs $5 (that's American Dollars). Our driver who picked us up from the border had trouble with his co-workers that didn't believe we were his clients. They thought he was just poaching clients, they had a bit of a screaming match which didn't last long.
We drive into Bulawayo and I found my host waiting for me at the taxi station.
Should you not have dollars, don't worry... there are guys at the border willing to exchange any currency for you.

Traveling from Botswana to Zimbabwe has been pleasant because there's a lot of people that travel between the two countries. Public transport isn't an issue. Unlike traveling between Namibia and Botswana, from one desert to the next and there is virtually no life anywhere close.

I am still in Bulawayo on a mission to get a family to host me for Christmas lunch,because having Christmas lunch alone has to be one of the most unAfrican things ever.

Bulawayo has been raining for the past week and it doesn't look like it wants to stop. I am not complaining, i definitely need this rain after being sun burnt in Botswana.
I hope to have internet connection soon so that i can tell you all about the exciting things i wil be doing this week... Including a traditional wedding.


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