Accommodation Options for Budget Travelers

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As I travel Africa I have had to find ways to get accommodation without breaking the bank. I'd like to share some awesome accommodation ideas. These come highly recommended by #TheSoloWanderer

This establishment is exactly that - a hostel. You sleep in dormitories. It's a great way to meet other budget travelers.
You would pay between US $10-$20 per bed. Anything more than $15 is expensive in my books and needs to come with a full English breakfast.
Backpackers are self catering but will have bars. Some might have catering options.
Some travelers are not so considerate so you need to brace yourself. Yes, people will have sex on the bunk bed just above you.
You can share a dorm with 3 to 11 other travelers depending on the size of the dorm.
Always check the state of the bed upon check-in. This is very important, I have seen beds cave in in the middle of the night. Find yourself sleeping on the floor.
If you need a bit more privacy, most backpackers offer single rooms as well.

Some backpackers establishments have camp sites. You can bring your own tent and pay between $7-$9, anything above that - might as well get a bed in a dorm. In some places you can hire a tent for the night. This is expensive though. Usually costs +$15. Not worth it in my opinion.

My most favourite. Definitely not for the faint hearted.
There is a website out there designed to connect budget travelers.
Go to register as a member, you can even register using your Facebook or Twitter account. You put in your details of where you are from and if you are willing to host anyone. You can also put up your travel plans and ask people to host you or you can just put a notice on the noticeboard so someone can offer to host you.
Should you opt to couchsurf, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the person's references very well. Do not request from someone with no references or accept offer from someone with no references. +7 references are good to me.
If you will be Couchsurfing, forget all about the luxury you had at home. I have shared a room with the most rowdy rats and roaches. I have slept and was woken up by donkeys in the middle of the night crying outside. This has been part of my experience, very funny too.
My hosts have been 1 girl (who is lesbian) and 2 different guys (one Christian and the other Muslim) I really don't mind. You have a choice to pick someone of a different race, religion, sexuality or gender. Pick who you will be comfortable with.
After all, have fun.

Work Exchange
What you do here is you volunteer your time at a backpackers hostel in return for free board. You will work cleaning, admin, reception etc. Tasks allocated depending on what they need.
On your free time you get to travel and discover the place.
I saw a lot of young people from all over the world doing some work exchange in Cape Town.
That's how I like to find accommodation while traveling on a budget. Do you have any other ways you like that you use when traveling on a budget that you want to share?


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