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I have realized that due to lack of good internet connection i have not shared any pictures of my adventures in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
So today I will take you on a flashback journey to one of my top destinations in Southern Africa.

This is The Okavango River Lodge from the Delta... As well as the Bar as you come in from the river.

This is traditional Palm Wine - I was introduced to this drink by the locals at the Okavango River Lodge. Of all the traditional beers in Botswana, this is my least favourite.

Meet Booker, my Mokoro poler and guide. You cannot enter the Okavango delta without a certified guide. This was my guy. His birthday was a day before mine so we also became twins.

These are the locals at Boro Village where the Mokoro station is based waiting to see the tourists that will be going into the Delta.

You will Google a lot of pictures of the Okavango Delta as I did but I can promise you no picture will ever give you an idea of how peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful this place is.

If there are a few things i have underestimated, it is the skill to pole a Mokoro. 
The way our guides pole so effortlessly, you will not even consider that they have been doing this for years....

Then i attempted to pole my Mokoro, i kept going in circles until the current came and tried to to take me with. I thought i was terrible until England 2 sunk his Mokoro while attempting to pole it. We all don't have an answer as to how he did that.

The best way to spend your afternoons in the Okavango Delta is to swim to your hearts content - In the designated swimming areas of course. There are hippos and crocodiles in the water.

These were all the solo campers into the Delta the day i was going in...
From left: New York, South Korea, South Africa, England 1 & 2.
It is easier to remember countries of origin than names - So we called each other by countries of origin

Our camp site and the Campers toilet  



The Okavango Delta underwater life.



There is a lot of walking involved so be sure to pack a lot of water and comfortable hiking clothes. Long pants are very advisable. There are long siestas between the nature and very early morning game walk. 
During the walks, we walk in single line in silence. The guides are not armed so you have to be on your best not to upset the animals so they don't come charging at you.


After a successful camping trip, it only makes sense we take a tour of the Boro village and share a beer with our guides.


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