Big Blue Backpackers, Nkhatha Bay, Malawi

9:31 am

Big Blue is in Nkhatha Bay. The only backpackers where everyday you will deal with the owner in my experience.
Big Blue is owned and ran my Sarai. Everyone calls her Salai but it later dawned on me that everyone has a brè. Nkhatha Bay is part of northern Malawi and is right on the lake. Everyday you wake up right on the lake, facing the lake.
There is a self catering kitchen. Also a restaurant should you be too lazy to whip up your own meal.
Big Blue Backpackers caters to budget backpackers as well as single chalets right on the beach. Lake Malawi is a fresh water lake so you can snorkel to your hearts content. You can watch fishermen go out everyday or coming in with their latest catch while enjoying some chombe tea on the balcony of your bamboo built chalet.
Big Blue offers free canoes and snorkeling gear when you are staying with them.
They can also organise day trips to the rubber plantation, village tour, and tea plantation.
There is a full stocked bar which is convenient but definitely have that cup of tea.

Nkhatha Bay is a village and the nearest town is Mzuzu which is 49km away. that's where you would get more essentials and busses to wherever your next destination is.
There is a Visa ATM but it wouldn't work for my ATM card and many other tourists we had to travel to Mzuzu to withdraw money. So be on the safe side while in Malawi and just carry a lot of cash on you, as much as this is not the best advise for a traveler it really is convenient and will save you a lot.
Should you ever spot guys all dressed in white walking or working the fields, put your cameras away. The prison is right in the village and looks nothing like a prison. I almost got in trouble with the officials for taking pictures not knowing that was prisoners. I had to delete my pictures.


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