Likoma Island - Lake Malawi

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I never knew that there were Islands on lake Malawi. Never mind Islands that people live on. When I was sending out emails to ask for assistance with accommodation, a lodge email address came up on Google and the manager was to happy to assist me and host me for a few days.
I had traveled from Lusaka, Zambia to Lilongwe, Malawi and traveled to Nkhatha Bay to get a ferry to Likoma island.

Not in wildest dreams did I imagine I could ever receive the hospitality I received on Likoma Island.
  • Likoma Island is 21km in radius with just over 10,000 residents.
  • It is a mountain region so everywhere you go expect it to be a hike.
  • This was confirmed by one of the backpackers who had organised to go diving and took pictures with rocks with human art that is believed to have been created by Ethiopians. I didn't have enough time to dig further into that history.
There are a few things to do on Likoma Island. 
  • You could visit the Anglican Church Cathedral that is over 100 years old. This church is built in the place where missionaries first saw witches being burnt by the local villagers. This building is simply amazing.
  • You can organise to go for a dive, this can only be done by certified dive instructors that you will find at Kaya Mawa and Mango Drift.
  • There is plenty of fish to snorkel to your hearts content.
  • You can go hiking, although any walk away from your lodge is a hike.
  • Definitely walk around the village and meet the most content and happiest villagers you will ever meet.
  • There are usually other free activities that you can do from your lodge so you should definitely enquire.
  • There are beautiful fresh water beaches. The water is very clean so definitely bring your waterproof camera.
  • You could always ask one of the villagers to take you fishing, that's if you like playing the game of patience which I call fishing.
  • Likoma Island is a stone throw away from Mozambique and right next to Likoma is Chizimulu Island. Lake Malawi is legally Mozambican waters but the boats that run on the lake belong to Malawi Shipping Company.
  • Depending on where you will stay, sometimes cellphone reception is unavailable, which I found to be a good thing as I had found my own little paradise without having to check in with the outside world. In my 5 days on the island, I managed to read 2 books which I was very impressed with. When I eventually got to mainland and had WiFi the concerns from friends, family and others following my travels started streaming in as I had no connections didn't try to be connected to outside world.
  • Electricity is generated by 3 diesel generators so it goes off every night at 10pm and comes back the next morning at 6am.
There are about 10 cars altogether on the island, this includes the army and Escom the electricity supplier cars. So chances are you will have to walk from ferry to your lodge unless you make prior arrangements which can be costly.
There is also a tiny airport
Few things I definitely recommend you bring with you when visiting Likoma.
Enough spending money for your stay - there are no ATM's on the island.
  • Hiking boots are a must.
  • Your bikinis
  • A few books to read if you intend to spend more than 3 days
  • Waterproof camera
I personally think Likoma is the place to go to renew your faith in humanity.
There are clubs on the island but you will not hear loud music from them really, they tend to keep the noise levels down. Go to Likoma, find your paradise.


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