Mango Drift - Likoma Island

10:30 am

I have found my own perfect sanctuary on Likoma Island. A budget accommodation establishment that is Mango Drift.
Mango Drift is on a private beach on Likoma Island just a stone throw away from Mozambique and Chizimulu Island.
There is no WiFi and barely any cellphone reception unless of course you find the right spot under the gum tree and are able to get reception.

Mango Drift is the perfect hideaway for honeymooners that are on a budget. There are backpackers dorms as well as lake facing chalets if you need more privacy. The beds all have mosquito nets to protect from those militant mozzies that are absolutely ruthless.
There are a few activities that are offered at Mango Drift.
You can go out canoeing or get snorkelizng gear for free. We love the free stuff. There is also volleyball that you can play watching the breathtaking sunset.
There are perfect snorkeling spots right in front of the lodge, you get to see lots of colourful fishes and enjoy the warm fresh lake water.
There is a qualified diving instructor who will take you diving at a cost. This is the only qualified diving instructor on Likoma Island who also runs the diving school at Kaya Mawa.

The group that owns mango drift also owns Kaya Mawa which is a luxury private beach hotel on Likoma Island.
Enjoy sundowners at the bar under the giant mango tree and have the cook prepare dinner for you. The cook is a lovely older gentleman so eager to learn new dishes, so feel free to make suggestions on what you want to have for dinner. 
I taught him how to make burgers, although the Patty came as just minced meat, it was delicious and the other backpackers thoroughly enjoyed being his guinea pigs and gave the burgers 2 thumbs up.

Should you need transport from the ferry docking station to mango drift you can just request this and the guys will organize it for you.
The barmen are always clued up on the ferry times as the ferry seldom stick to schedule, they will advise anytime.
You can take the ferry to Mango Drift or simply fly in from Lilongwe.


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