A few things that I miss...

10:30 am

I have been traveling over four months now. There are a few things I have learned on the road and I also have a few things I miss about South Africa. Well a few things I miss about the life I had before selling and giving it all up to chase a dream.
  • I miss a hot shower. This had been a serious luxury out here. Not that there aren't any showers in the countries I have been staying, there just hasn't been any showers where I have been staying.
  • I miss my collection of shoes. My high heels. No, I didn't give these away. I am not that generous. Even the ones I don't wear but just own and look at while they are in my closet, I miss them.
  • I miss getting dressed up. Just being pretty in a little black dress and go out and paint the town red with the ladies.
  • I miss taking myself out for dinner dates. Yes, I do not believe that just because I have no one to be romantic with I can't do romantic things by myself. I deserve nice things too.
  • I miss Friday nights sushi evening with Sthe and Fanele who dissappointly will order a burger at a sushi belt because she doesn't understand raw fish... This friendship is up for review because of this.
  • I actually miss living alone. Having my own space.
  • I miss wearing shorts and a vest and not being concerned about being offensive to someone because of how I dress.
  • I miss having a salary. Gosh yes, a monthly salary would be nice right now.
  • Although I don't miss driving especially on the Jo'burg streets, I miss the convenience of having a car and going wherever I want to when I want to.
  • I miss being boy crazy with the girls over cocktails where the last one will just be one too many.
  • I miss speaking Tshivenda and isiZulu. My home languages. Skype every once in a while is not enough really.
  • Most importantly, I miss Checkers Odd Bin 825 wine. That wine is just heaven for my palate.
  • I miss wearing freshly washed clothes regularly.
Above all else, I am extremely homesick right now but all the other backpackers that I get to meet make it a bit more bearable as I am not completely alone out in the unknown. We share a lot of stories and invite each other to our respective countries as well.


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