Malawi Missions in Pictures

As the journey continues backpacking Cape to Cairo, I find that I am missing some of the special friends and families I have left behind in the different countries I have visited. I have decided to give you a few photoposts of the beautiful places I visited and some activities I was able to do.
This was my cabin at Big Blue Backpackers in Nkhatha Bay, Malawi. Every morning I was woken up by the lake, waves crashing on the rocks. Had breakfast on my balcony over looking the lake just watching the fishermen go about their day. Read more about Big Blue Backpackers here and visit their website for any inquiries and also for their rate here.

This are the busy streets of Nkhatha Bay with the locals going on about their day.

I was able to visit one of the villages just outside Nkhatha Bay and this is basically the shopping mall. This is where you buy all your clothes and accessories. All clothes are second hand. Anyone who knows me knows I love finding bargains at second hand clothing shops or markets. Unfortunately I couldn't here due to budget constraints but also I had no space in my backpack to squeeze anything else in there.

This is the local cinema. You pay to come inside and sit and watch a movie. Movies are repeated every 3 - 4 hours. There is no door or windows, just curtains so the local young boys who cant afford it just move the curtain to the side and watch the movie from outside while standing.

I pretty much spent most of my time in the water just watching the fishes. Lake Malawi has some amazing snorkelling spots. 

Often the locals would joke that I would turn into a mermaid or the fishermen would catch me by mistake since i spend so much time in the water with my camera. I did wish i could be a mermaid and just sit on one of the rocks all day watching the day go by. I also developed some scabies on my hands and when i consulted with the local doctor, it didn't take him too long to conclude that i was spending too much time in the water.

Here's something different, As a young African child I grew up and my grandparents always had chickens. The chicken house was built on the ground and its purpose was just to keep them safe from the dogs we had especially in the evening when we would let the dogs run around the yard. 
This is a chicken house in Malawi, I was told that chickens like being elevated hence this beautiful little house is built on these logs. Now I feel like my whole childhood was a lie...

Upper body strength level: Non-Existent.
This is me with the villagers learning to pound Kasava. The little girl in the white was doing it with such ease and i was struggling. Heavy breathing and all. This had to be the hardest way to earn my meal.

The Solo Wanderer at the ferry port in Nkhatha Bay headed to Likoma Island and behinf my is the very slow, least luxurious ferry to Likoma Island. Might not be fancy but it will get you there. wont leave on time or arrive at the expected time, all that matters is - you will get there... This is Africa.

The meals served on the Ferry from Nkhatha Bay to Likoma Island. 
This is Nsima, Beef Curry and Beans. The portions are huge. I always wondered why I got served such huge meals and was expected to finished them. They have to be all conspiring against me to get me fat. Well not so much, that was just my over active imagination. These are normal portions out here and this is also considered a small portion.

As we arrived in Nkhatha Bay after 8 hours, I tried to wait for the sunrise so I could catch it. I was too tired and irritable for that. This is Lake Malawi and the mountain range you see in the background is in Mozambique. One day I will remember the name of that part of Mozambique. Till then, you just need to know that Mozambique is a stone throw away from Likoma Island.

And after sunrise, the locals come to the lake to go about with their day. Fishing has to be done, markets have to be run. 

A quiet Likoma Island.

The reason I love this shot is i simply loved this Scarecrow guy. All dressed up and ready to fight any unruly birds.

Some of the street food you will find in the Likoma Island Town. This is out of this world greasy. This is pork and after its deep fried you can dip it in the salt and chilli powder.

Some of the wedges in the street. Street food is very cheap and very filling. remember the portions are always against your waistline. These apparently are Irish potatoes. Tome, they were just potatoes.

The Anglican Church Cathedralmthat is over 100 years old. This church is built in the place where missionaries first saw witches being burnt by the local villagers.

Local Village girls washing the dishes.

The 2 photos below i have always seen in the media. never thought that was in Africa. Till the exact momemt when i was taking the pictures and i had a de Javu moment. Unfortunately it was a bit windy on theis day and the water was not turquoise as i have always seen it in pictures but it was breathtakingly beautiful nonetheless.

The happiest friends i made were on the beach and they then started picking shells for me to take home to remember them by. Yes, I have a huge plastic bag of shells in my bag.

This is Frank my friend. He was teaching me how to play the Boa boardgame. I had played it back at home while growing up but had forgotten how to. Yes, he let me win this round.

The underwater friends i made that always had me intrigued. 

The local fishermen working on their fishing nets from the water.

Dinner ready for the backpackers at Mango Drift, Likoma Island. Read more about my stay here and contact them for enquieries and rates here.

Back on the boat from Likoma Island headed to Nkhatha Bay. This was the end of a blissful week. It ended too soon.

Finally we arrived back in Nkhatha Bay and were left on the waters for 2 hours. There were false reports about Ebola suspects traveling from Mozambique to Malawi through Likoma Island. It was all false.