Nairobi - The City that never sleeps... Literally.

The City that never sleeps. I have loved my stay in Nairobi as this has been the one city closes to Johannesburg. The streets are madness, everyone is always rushing off somewhere and there is traffic all day everyday till about 9pm.
This has been the only city that I have considered living in so far, I fell in love with Nairobi but I dont think I would be brave enough to drive the streets or bare with the daily traffic. It can be a nightmare.

Downtown Nairobi is not your cup of tea, I haven't been there as I am not brave enough to deal with what I have been told goes on down there.
The nightlife is everyday business. You party till you can't anymore and the club's open till sunrise from Sunday to Sunday. And these people have work the next day. You basically leave the club to go shower and go to work.

The weather in Nairobi is lovely, it is never too hot and most days it gets windy. 
I always get laughed at for putting on my sunscreen as the people here are used to the weather but i am not trying to risk anymore sunburn as i have learned the hard way while I was still in Botswana.

With regards to security, there is security almost everywhere and the sort of give you the sense that it is safe but most of them aren't armed. Security in Nairobi has been made more visible now especially after the Westgate Mall bombing in September 2014 were a 80 hour siege left 68 people dead. 
When you walk into a shopping mall you have to go through a scanner, and your bags are checked also have security run a wand over you. It is relatively safe because nobody ever talks about the security issues or the rebels that once turned the city into a nightmare.

The Kenyan people of Nairobi are lovely, very friendly people but i have struggled with them not saying "Thank you". When i spoke to a local friend about it, she explained that in some Kenyan cultures, even the words "Thank you" do not exist. but i was not going to have any of it, so i made my friends say it all the time when we would go out to a restaurant and get served.

I totally recommend Nairobi as a place to visit on holiday, but also take a road trip to Turkana Lake also known as Lake Victoria, The Maasai Mara and even Nanyuki where I was able to stand at the 00"00" point of the earth on the equator. Definitely my highlight as I started at the Tropic of Capricorn in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Hopefully I will get a chance to go to The Tropic of Cancer when I am in Egypt as well.