Why am I still in Kenya?

10:30 am


I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya waiting for my visas to proceed with my journey through Africa. I have been in Nairobi for three weeks.
I need visas to go through to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. 
As I am traveling on a South African passport, I did not need any visas to visit Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.

I have found out that, When traveling on a South African passport, you can get a Visa into Ethiopia at the Port of Entry. It will cost you US$40. 
I can also get the Egyptian Visa for free at the Port of Entry. The Egypt visa for a South African passport holder is free and you can get up to six months on the visa. Now, run along and go visit the Sphynx. 
The Sudanese Visa is the one that I have to get done while I am still in Nairobi. 
After meeting with the South African High Commissioner, they also explained to me that they would be more comfortable with me only leaving Nairobi after having sorted out my Visas for the countries I intend to visit.

As much as I am homesick and would rather get the Sudan Visa in 3 days and continue with my travels and get the other Visas at the port of entry of respective countries, I am also not comfortable traveling without the visas so I decided I would stay in Nairobi a little while longer and just get those Visas done.
I only have a month Visa for Kenya, so I will be extending that month by a few weeks so to allow myself time to get the visas sorted.

So if you are wondering why I have been in Kenya for so long, Well, I am loving and enjoying Nairobi. but I have to get the visas sorted before I continue with my journey from here.


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