MISSION: Fall in Love with Johannesburg

I have been thinking. I understood this about myself but didn’t really have the words to explain it for someone else to understand. I have grown up in Johannesburg, through my teen years, varsity and also worked here. But I am still in Joburg and I feel like I hate this city. Not just Johannesburg, but the whole Gauteng province. Hate is such a strong word and it really doesn’t describe how I feel about this province or city.

After my travels and falling in love with other cities, most especially Nairobi as it was the only city I have travelled to that was closest to Joburg in terms of the people, the places, lifestyles and nightlife.  I now realise that I do not hate Johannesburg, although I don’t see its beauty and don’t feel its vibrant culture anymore, it is not hate.

What it is, is that I have gotten out of touch with the city. Most likely because I tend to do the same things over and over again and I don’t seem to really ever get out of my comfort zone while I am here. There is a lot to do and discover in this place and I don’t see it because my judgement is clouded by how I think I feel about the city. Because I keep doing the same things, I have also found that my creativity is very limited, I am seldom inspired. I am not the kind to work in a coffee shop in a mall. I hate malls, this much I know for a fact. But I will definitely drive to Muldersdrift to a coffee shop and watch roses being watered while I work.
I am still in the city without the city rush and noise.

As of today, I am taking it upon myself to give Joburg a new chance. I am going to find all the beauties in this city and share them with you. Find the adventure activities, the picnic spots, the perfect out of city in the city getaway destinations and of course all on a budget.

 I would like to introduce you to Johannesburg through my eyes –The girl who is out of touch with her city.