#TBT Aswan, Egypt - Photo Blogpost

As today is Thursday, I thought today would be perfect for a throw back photo post on my time in Egypt.

As I drove into Egypt from Sudan, this is the sunset over the Nubian Lake as it’s known in Sudan or Lake Nasser as it’s known in Egypt. The lake is created by the Aswan high dam as a result of construction across the water of the Nile.

This is the River Nile from the new Aswan High Dam.

This Lotus flower monument at the Aswan Dam was built by the Russians to symbolize the relationship between Egypt and Russia. You are able to climb the monument to the top and get great view of the Nile and the Nubian Lake.

A craft stall in the Nubian village where you are able to shop.

The Streets in a Nubian Village.

This one Nubian house is a tourist attraction on its own. They have real Nile crocodiles that they keep as pets and when they grow up to 3m they get returned to the dam and they get more smaller ones. They are caged and they are not tried to be domesticated. They only keep 3 or 4 at a time.

Chill in a real Nubian living room. Nubians are loving and real Africans. They build their houses to accommodate large groups of people for days when they family and friends get together.

Visiting a Nubian house. The Nubian villages are the most colourful villages I have ever visited. Aswan is also the driest place in the world where people live so most houses literally do not have roofs or are not fully covered with a roof. It rains once a year in this part of the world and although it is desert, the river nile is great source of life.

After 5 days in Sudan that felt like forever I just needed a beer. I finally got one in Aswan right on the River Nile with the Elephantine Island Nubian village in the background.

Some friends you will meet on the streets of the Nubian Village.

This horse carriage is the best way to see and move around the town of Aswan. When the owners saw me walking the streets from the bar back to my hotel, they offered me a ride. The didnt want payment but they asked for 5 Egyptian Pounds just so they can buy the horse more hay. I gave him 10 Pounds cos i really like the horse.