Tourist vs Traveler vs Excursionist

2:21 pm

I always tell people how I am a traveler and not a tourist. Contrary to popular belief there is a huge difference between the two. Also, beyond the traveler and tourist, we also have the excursionist.

Tourist: Tourists are generally governed by time. Tourists go on holiday to get away from their lives, to go “rest” and get away from daily stresses. Tourists are the people who go away and after their short holiday they usually come back feeling tired because they tried to cram everything in the short time they had. They want to discover and rest at the same time – can someone say “Mission Impossible”?!?! a tourist will have their whole itinerary planned out by the time they leave home. They have an idea of what they will be doing, when, at that time, where and how. Everything is planned to the last detail.

The traveler on the other hand is never in a rush. A traveler understands this is their lifestyle. They have a bit more time, they have a list of what needs to be done and where it is but they are flexible in their time and how they get things done. A traveler wants to talk to the locals in an effort to experience their destination as a local. Instead of hiring a tour guide they will talk to locals and finally find that one local that can take them to the place at a fee that will definitely be lower than that of the tour guide and learn the more at their own pace.

This guy visits a place temporarily for 24 hours or less for the purpose of business or leisure but not in transit.

·         Governed by time
·         Sticks out
·         Sees what they came to see
·         Seeks answers
·         Separates themselves from local cultures and people
·         When things don’t go their way, their complain
·         Started packing 3 weeks ago

·         Has a flight booked

·         Don’t know where they have been
·         Never in a rush
·         Blends in
·         Sees what they see
·         Seeks more questions
·         Makes connections with the locals

·         Are curious, they is no way things should go a certain way
·         Will grab what they need when its time to go
·         Will find the most convenient way to get there
·         Don’t know where they are going

Now that you know the difference between the tourist and the traveler, which one are you? Or are you the excursionist?



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