How to survive a flight trip.

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I am not a big fan of flying. I love airports because you get to see so much of people. Everyone rushing in a different direction, heading to a different location for different reasons. You get to see people so vulnerable and broken because they have to leave their loved ones. If you are curious of people and who they are, these is the perfect place to watch people and see all the happiness and sadness and people as they just go by – I know, I have stalker tendencies.

Below I have compiled some of my top favorite travel tips for anyone who will be flying. You have to find ways to survive all that time at the airport and today I share them with you.

1.    Pack less: The trick about traveling is you need to let go of most of your comforts. Jump out of your comfort zone and wing it. It’s better to travel with less, you will have less to carry around, but feel free to carry a lot of unnecessary things… you will only end up giving them away to someone who probably needs them a lot more than you do.
2.    Go vegetarian: should you be flying somewhere, the quickest way o get your food on a flight is by ordering vegetarian. They will always bring it to you before they serve everyone else.
3.    When browsing for flights, browse privately: Airline companies use cookies to monitor your browsing history so they can always tell when you have been searching other airlines for flights and they raise the ticket prices accordingly. Rather browse for flights incognito or use a different browser to check for flights. You can also delete your browser history.

4.    The best time to book your flight tickets is on a Tuesday at 3pm, six weeks before your travels is when flight tickets are the absolute cheapest. Always book your departure date for a Tuesday or Wednesday as those days are always cheaper.
5.    Get your luggage labeled fragile: People will always take better care of your luggage when labeled fragile. One less thing to worry about if you have seen how you luggage is handled behind the scenes after checking in – I have.

6.    Weigh your luggage before heading to the airport to avoid the headache of being told that your luggage weighs too much (My dad taught me this and the man has not a single traveler bone in him).