Flight Centre Travel Expo 2016

11:14 am

It would seem just like any other Saturday in Joburg around the Northgate area. something is happening at the Dome but there is nothing out of the ordinary about that. I struggled to get parking and there's plenty of parents pushing strollers around going in and coming out of the dome. Families and youngsters seem excited about what is unfolding inside.

welcome to the Travel Expo 2016. My first time coming to the expo and I am disappointed in myself for not making it my mission to be here every year. The travel expo is organised by Flight center and entrance is free. I don't really need to convince you why you need to make sure you attend 2017 travel expo.

  • Entrance into the expo is free - Yes, Mahala.
  • There are plenty of prizes that are given away every hour
  • Childcare center is available for all the parents so they can chase those travel bargains in peace
  • Travel specials available ONLY if you book at the travel expo with the flight center agents
  • There are plenty of flight center booking stations and friendly agents to assist you 
  • Flight center was running a recruitment drive for all those who would love to work in travel

As a seasoned traveler, I enjoyed the travel expo. One thing about it stood out for me - You don't need to be a seasoned traveler to visit the expo and find what you want. you just need to be someone wanting to travel. the knowledgeable travel advisers are there for you. to guide you and advise the best options for your buck.

And when you needed to give your credit card a break - you could ride the unforgiving mechanical bull, go sip a smoothie in the fantasy wanderlust garden that was available until your card begged you to go swiping again. If you would like to catch up what more happened at the travel expo, who was exhibiting,who attended and why it was trending in Joburg. check it out on social media at #TravelExpo16


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