Tshatshingo Potholes

10:30 am

Tshatshingo potholes are in Northern South Africa. The water comes in from the Tshi rocks River. Possibly the scariest natural water feature I have encountered.
This giant hole has no trace of life in it. Nobody knows were the water goes when it falls into the giant pot.

The are a few rock pools before the giant pothole. The water is very clear when it is not rainy season. And you also have the opportunity to cliff jump if you are brave enough.
People have accidentally fell in and unfortunately bodies are never retrieved. Even divers don't like this place.

Travel to Makwarani village soon in Vhembe and visit the Tshatshingo potholes. Make sure to bring your swimming gear and a picnic basket.

The weekends are when the places comes to live as music revelers come out to picnic in the shades and have a pool in the rock pools. During the week you will find local villagers doing their laundry in the river.


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