Go play at the Vaal River

Most people don't ever consider Gauteng as a travel destination. We mostly imagine awesome townships with rich heritage and South African history. We think of Sandton, the richest square mile in Africa. We are all thibkubg about the bumper to bumper traffic. We are all here for economic opportunities. If I ever need a holiday, self omw one even imagines Gauteng as a travel destination.

Just recently got to spend time in the Vaal Triangle. Today I don't want to discuss the history or heritage of this place. I just need us to discuss the water sports. Only water sports. This will also be helpful for those of us who arent brave enough for adventure sport but never have the courage to do it. You know I am here for you.

Obviously due to the rains we are currently experiencing the Vaal river is currently dirty but that has never stopped anyone from having fun.. Accommodation along the river is always available and caters for everyone. You will find private lodges, camping sites and even 5 star hotels. Whatever is convenient for your pocket is available.

The Vaal is the ultimate water sport and adventure sport destination. You imagine yourself pushing your adrenalin, the vaal is where you need to be.

This video is of our jet boarding instructor giving us lessons on how to ride the jet board. You have to wear your life jacket just to be on the safe side. The life jacket just makes sure you don't have to swim as much as someone who isn't wearing one. You will wear the jet shoes that are connected to the jetski. You need to stand straight in the water and balance yourself on the jet shoes. Stand straight, knees straight, heels lowered and upper body tightened. The jet ski will start ravving and the faster it goes the higher the propelled shoots you up into the air and more water shooting out. Sounds simple when I explain it. For the video, watch it here.

I have watched a lot of travel shows interested in finding out What some countries have to offer. I've seen a lot of water sports and never imagined that would be available in my backyard.

You also have the option of tubing. This I swear brought out the kareoke queen in me. Here we all get into a speedboat. We drive into the river, this is a small cruise. The speed boat will stop and one of you have to get on the tube. Then the speed boat does what it does best - SPEED. The speed creates waves in the water and you on the tube will be gliding all over and depending on the speed, you are most likely to fall of the tube. This is the best sport for those who can't swim in my opinion. Your interaction with actually water is limited and you can come out without even getting wet.

The Boat cruise. You can have a private booking and throw a mother of all parties on a sunset cruise with mates or take the option to just book a spot on a river cruise with other me never of the public. Whichever option you go for, you will be blessed with stunning sunsets to take your breath away. 

Jet Skiing - You have water, speed and your adrenaline.

And if you are that person who is just not going to get into water and definitely not in a river. Well you can always have a picnic at any of the campsites along the river or you can spend your day fishing.

The Vaal river for everyone.