Nairobi to Maasai Mara using public transport

This plant moonlights as a toothbrush as well.
This is a common sight in downtown Nairobi first thing in the morning
I have just realized that I do not have anything that advises on transport from Nairobi to Maasai Mara.
Of course you know you can fly into the Mara, but what happens when you cannot afford to fly there and you'd still like to visit the Maasai Mara. Let me tell you how to get to Sekenani.

Sharing ,mini-bus loaded.
From down town Nairobi you will get a sharing mini bus to Narok. Now this is a beautiful drive. The landscape absolutely breathtaking. This is after all the Rift Valley. Or maybe you are not a morning person so you will sleep the whole way. Wake up a few seconds to see that no stranger has stolen you yet. I was in down town Nairobi at 5am. Depending on the quality of the mini bus and the driver - I'd think the driver's age determine his love for speed if not it will take between 3 - 4 hours. Its actually a 2 hour drive.

The jumping wandera :)
I sleep because my body has actually conditioned itself to pass out when I enter public transport. I kid you not, I actually love my body for this.
When you get to Narok, tell the driver you are going to Sekenani. Hopefully he speaks some English but if not, make sure you say "Sekenani" with some confidence so that he picks up at least where you could possibly be headed.
The minibus will drop you off and you will be directed to walk to the next minibus rank. 

Maasai Warrior - These young men stole my heart.
Now here is where things will get interesting. This short walk will have encounters of livestock. Don't be scared, this entertains the locals and you don't want to be that traveler scared of confident goats that approach random folk. Seriously, this is your street cred deminishing (I kid, i joke... You never had any street cred. It's all in your head!)

Maasai Hut sitting on a solid bed made of bricks and mud
Now that you have found the Sekenani bus, you patience is required now more than ever. Since I left Nairobi before the crack of dawn, I was in Narok around 10am. But unfortunately this little bus only leaves Narok for the Mara at 2pm.
Here's the conundrum: Only one bus leaves sekenani daily. It arrives in Narok first thing in the morning and allows the travelers to do their shopping all day and come back on the bus back to Sekenani. So you want to be there early to get a decent seat cos you might have to stand in an overloaded bus. Nobody cares it's overloaded with humans and with luggage, just know you will arrive at your destination safe.

Maasai Warrior and wife - No jokes, that's me.
You want to leave Nairobi early cos the sharing minibus does not leave Nairobi unless it is full. You never know how long it might take to get full so the earlier the better. Bring enough money to drink while you wait, thats how i killed time anyways.

The journey from Narok is dusty and hell of uncomfortable. And you can watch it go by but even I couldn't sleep cos that is how uncomfortable those little busses are compared to those bumpy roads.

White Cap Beer - I don't remember how it tastes but its a beer.
Easiest would be staying at Mara Explorers Camp. Let them know you are coming and when the bus arrives someone will be waiting for you at the main road - most probably Jackson. Mara Explorers Camp is 50 meters from the main road. But should the guys not know where Mara Explorers Camp is as they don't speak English just ask for Ole Keene School. You'll get off at the lodge or close by to be able to get to the school.

Let the Rift Valley steal your heart
And there you are in the Maasai Mara... This trip will not cost you more than Kes700 and its about 400km from Nairobi to Maasai Mara. However because you are using public transport, it will take the whole day - FUN!

The South African Maasai Warrior
There are other options available. There are private cabs that will charge you about Kes1500 one way. They will take you from Nairobi to the lodge or from the lodge to anywhere in Nairobi in the city. This option is faster and has no stops unless you request bathroom stops which will most probably be in the middle of nowhere.