Riding Harley Davidsons through Cape Town

I love discovering new ways to travel. I have been to Cape Town and have pretty much used all types of transport the mother city has to offer. The thing about cape town is the moment you have this city figured out she finds a way to blow your mind away with not just her beauty but amzing things to do and places to explore.

I was recently in Cape Town with Sho'tLeft and they were going to show me everything I had never done in Cape Town. Everytime I get my travel itinerary, I always think this has to be the most awesome thing I have ever done - but I always do awesome things so the joke is always on me.

My itinerary kicked off with a fight from Joburg to Cape Town. This flight was filled with awesome people looking forward to seeing table mountain or drinking the wine. I managed to get a selfie with most of the guys on board the flight as well as in the cockpit.
Tip** I know we all dream of selfies in the cockpit. Some airlines might not let you take a selfie in the cockpit but those will allow you, you can only get a selfie after landing. Make sure to wait for everyone to disembark and head on out to ask for a selfie. You can ask as you board the flight so you know if they will allow you after your landing.
The Harley Davidson Chauffeur Rides (HDCR), this is a unique way to see the mother city. HDCR is a Cape Town based company that specialises in Harley Davidson Chauffeur rides and events. The company has been in operation for 15 years and they have set routes in and around Cape Town but you are more than welcome to have a special request and they will hook you up according to your requirements, numbers and even budget.

HDCR can take from 1 person up to a group of 50 at any given time. The chauffeur rides range from one hour along the Atlantic seaboard of a full day Cape Point/Winelands rides. 
I looked like a goofball the whole ride through Cape Town, stellenbosch and all the way to Franschoek. The thing is I don't know much about motorbikes, I have made it a point to learn though cos my goodness these beasts are sexy as hell.  And apparently it is not about how fast you go, it is about how cool you look while riding. The riders are super friendly and they are absolute pros at this riding stuff, with a beginner like myself it is always important that you have someone willing to talk you through your experience. Someone patient as we all know Katchie has blonde moments. 

The most fun fact I learned about Harley Davidsons are that their sound is patented and if you listen closely, the sound goes "Potato, Potato, Potato".

If you have any further question or queries or would like to book a Harley Davidson for you time in Cape Town feel free to Contact Patti via email pattibrockmann@gmail.com
As Patti proudly says "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul".

Now you too can ride Harley Davidsons around Cape Town, let me know how your experience was.