Morocco - A country I am certain to never return to.

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Morocco is a North African country characterized by mountain regions, desert, and a lengthy coastline from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Morocco is a monarchy where the royal family has full control over the government.
Rabat is the capital city, but Casablanca is the largest city. Chances are your flights will fly into Casablanca as they have the larger airport and that is cheaper than flying into other airports.
Like any other North African country, you will learn or you most probably know about the history of the Arabs in Morocco. Most people assume north Africans are Arabs. There are no Arabs in Africa. There are descendants of Arabs, but Moroccans are the Berber or Amazirgh people. Also, talking about the Amazirgh can offend some people the same way you cannot talk about Western Sahara.

93% of Moroccans are religious and the majority are practicing Sunni Muslims. I spent the last few days of Ramadan in Morocco in 2017, the interesting thing about Ramadan is that some people do not practice and of all the North African countries I have been to, Morocco was the only country where you would find restaurants opened and food being served like any other day. However, I would recommend that you don't try this is small towns where they are stricter on religion.

First world problems, MikeyDees for you?!?
Homosexuality is illegal in Morocco, and it is punishable by a prison sentence. This law only applies to Moroccans and not travelers. I still would not advise public displays of affection anywhere for anyone of any sexual orientation.

The languages spoken in Morocco are Arabic, French, and Spanish. English is a bit tricky to come by. Google translate will assist a lot, but also learning Moroccan Arabic was absolutely a highlight for me.

That having been said, definitely the first country I have been to and have no desire to return to. Breathtakingly beautiful, but the colour of my skin is not favourable and neither is being a woman alone cos these men are scammers and will go out their way to scam you if you need assistance. So, stay woke!
Visa and travel documents
Visa application is the first point where my skin colour was an issue. My visa took longer than everyone else as their embassy knew for sure when everyone else would get their passport back but they couldn’t be sure when I would get mine back.
You will need a visa, your visa has to be applied for in your country of residence or the nearest Embassy. They have very strict dates and times for applications so check with the embassy. They are also very strict on the documents that are required. Proof of Travel insurance policy will work in your favour.

Water and food

The first country I have been to where tap water was good enough for consumption for travelers. Except for South Africa of course. But should you not be sure, bottled water will not let you down.

Quench your thirst with a local brew.
There is loads of food to try out that everyone raves about. If we are to be honest, go eat your way through Tunisia or Egypt, the food here is overrated and most times I felt needed seasoning. Also, this is my unpopular opinion.

Sunscreen, giant hat to cover you up. A hijab is also very handy as a way to shield your skin from the heat. The desert heat is simply unforgiving.

Moroccan Dirham is the local Moroccan currency. Like all other North African currencies, this cannot be changed out of Morocco. So make sure to use up all your Dirhams before leaving or simply keep your exchange receipt or bank withdrawal receipt so you can change the money back to Euros or Dollars.

Please check the exchange rate upon your dates of travel.
Moroccan banks are used to foreign cards. So no stress there. and yes you will have your English option at the ATM. You can also swipe your card at most establishments.

Cellphone reception works well. I used Maroc Telecoms. The internet connection might get frustrating. Also, the Wi-Fi you get will not be the greatest. Rather go to enjoy your holiday than spend time on your snapchat – I know, that is such a horrendous idea. Haha

Now this is where you will have no stress. As I mentioned earlier, you will be flying into Casablanca. You can use the trains to get to any other city you wanted to get to. I got a train from Casablanca to Rabat.
The trains are affordable. Always try and get to first class ticket cos second class sounds ideal but there is no air-con and the ventilation in those trains leaves a lot to be desired.

Casablanca Aiport train to the city where you connect to other parts of the country. 

There are plenty of affordable ways to get around. Road rules are observed and passenger safety is a priority. The long distance busses are luxurious as well.
There are meter taxis everywhere, the taxi colour differs depending on the city you are in. the taxis are affordable, ALWAYS make sure that you insist they put the meter on. Cos that’s how you will get scammed. Refuse to pay any price that is not on the meter.

Fun idea, ask around why there are so many cats when you get to Morocco.
I was in Morocco during the last few days of Ramadan. So everyone came out in the evenings. People tend to hang out in hotel gardens as that’s a thing and the hotels usually host local bands for entertainment.

***This has had to be by far the most negative blogpost I have ever written on any country. And in hindsight, I realized that the mistreatment I received at the embassy when applying for my visa had set a tone of my experience in the country. I probably didn’t give Morocco a fair chance, but it is something I would not regret personally. 

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