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Jumping at the Tshivhase Tea plantations in Limpopo.

My name is Mukhatshelwa "Katchie" Nzama and welcome to my Wanderlust. I'm a lover of water, a tree hugger and animal kissing Adventurer always searching for the most affordable way to travel, explore Africa and share it with you of course. I'm pretty easy to spot, I wander around solo, will most probably be found tasting a new beer or stuffing my face with the local street food. My happiest place is always when playing in the water or if I'm not there, find the best view and I'll be jumping around there. I am a Pan-Africanist travel blogger besotted with Africa. I grew up with a curiosity of the African continent, her people, cultures, music, and her cuisine. 

Enjoying what is left of summer 
I absolutely love learning a new language. That's the extreme adventure for my tongue. I can speak all 11 South African languages confidently but it's always hysterical when I have to put my Swahili or Chichewa to practice. 
My travels are about promoting intra-African travel to Africans, decolonizing travel culture as well as showcasing Africa to Africans. From November 2014 to April 2015 I embarked on a trek across the African continent backpacking solo using only public transport from Cape to Cairo. Traveling through 10 African countries, over a period of 6 months. During the 6 months I was accommodated in various affordable accommodation establishments and I was also able to Couchsurf (staying with locals that I met on the couchsurfing website - a social media platform made of a community of travelers who host other travelers helping other travelers reach their destination). I was also privileged to visit various UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Lake Malawi in Malawi and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. 

Reading a book while camping in Limpopo at Mashovhela Lodge
June - December 2017 I traveled from Africas northernmost to the southernmost point using public transport through 21 countries on an adventure I called #BreakingBorders which aimed to showcase more of West Africa as it is a part of our continent I found remains neglected when it comes to African travel. I discovered sacred lands in Sierra Leone where i also survived the mudslides, Learned more about the trans-Atlantic slave trade in Ghana, swam in the black beaches of Cabo Verde and Sao Tome and Principe, hiking through central Africa where there is absolutely no public transport from one point of the country to the next, visited a Himba village in Namibia and hiking through the mountains of Morocco just to mention a few places.

#BreakingBorders was about highlighting the difficulties of traveling through Africa as an African passport holder and the ridiculous visa cost that one has to pay. 

Through my travels, I hope to inspire other young Africans to travel Africa and to learn more about African adn fellow Africans. To celebrate our differences but also our similarities. I hope to show Africans that affordable travel is possible and intra-African travel is also possible. But most importantly that Africa is safe for solo female travels. 

Most Favourite South African destination - Kosi Bay, Kwazulu-Natal.
Photo: Justin Lee
My blog focuses on affordable intra-African travel and shares magnificent destinations, breathtaking sunsets, music festivals, heritage and also shares great travel tips. The aim is to decolonizing travel culture, telling stories of Africans through travel - highlighting the similarities of Africans and celebrating the differences between us as Africans. My travels are shared on social media platforms where I am fondly known as @TheSoloWandera.

Taking selfies with new friends
In all my adventure, I have been listed as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans in 2016 by Mail & Guardian and named as One of the 100 women in tourism in Africa by the Akwaaba African Travel Market in Nigeria. 

Hiking Lions head in Cape Town with Robben Island in the background
My travels have been profiled onvarious platforms such as BBC World, SABC, ETV and numerous radio stations in South Africa and Nigeria. 

With former South-Africa Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom
 in Phalaborwa on World Tourism Day 2015
I'm an aspiring mermaid, a proudly pan-African who also happens to be a paper cut survivor. I hope this blog can help you find your next African destination. 

You can book me for your next digital campaign as a content creator and blogger, I am also available as a guest speaker for your next event where i speak on African Travel, challenges that face Africa and Africans and the reality of chasing ones dreams and challenges one would face. 




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